Fur shedding is very common in this you do not need to be worried. This happens to every single pet that has hair but the owner of the pet knows how problematic it is to clean shedding hair every day. There will be many causes of fur shedding but molting is very common. Either it is possible that your rabbit is sick because due to being sick hair fall is common, many people don’t believe that rabbit also has so much fur shedding. There are many reasons why is my rabbit shedding so much which we will read in our article.


Seasonal changes


No one can stop the hair that falls due to seasonal changes, no matter how much medicine you feed. This situation is called molting, at this time the rabbit changes its coat. Often rabbits change two coats completely, one in summer and one in winter. As soon as winter starts coming, the rabbit wears a thick coat, and when summer comes, leaving that thick coat and wearing a thin layer coat with the help of fur shedding. We understand with the help of an example, as when the winter season comes, we keep our warm clothes inside and take out the winter clothes, in the same way, the rabbit also changes its coat and wears a thick layer so that it does not feel cold. Similarly, when the winter season is over, the summer clothes are taken out, the rabbit also leaves its thick layer and wears a thin layer.


rabbit shedding


Does shedding is common in all rabbits.


Yes, this is a natural phenomenon. If you are looking for a rabbit whose hair does not fall, then it is almost impossible to find such a rabbit. Although some rabbit species may have the least shading problem. As I told you, still some hair falls can occur on those breeds as well. First, you should assume that you cannot fix this hair fall problem 100%, although you can definitely reduce it to a great extent.


How much shedding is normal


Molting is a common phenomenon in animals. It is a natural process, but it is not necessary that this is always the reason. Changes in the environment often cause hair fall, which we cannot stop with medicine or any other thing. If light hair is falling, then you just clean them so that it does not accidentally go into the stomach of the rabbit. If the level of hair fall increases suddenly, then there may be some reason behind it, you should keep an eye on your rabbit for some time to see if he is sick or has any allergies. Otherwise, there can be no other problem on the contrary.



Least fur shedding breeds


  • Angora rabbits are one of those rabbits whose hair is very long and thick, although their hair falls a little less than the other. These rabbits require a lot of care and brushing twice a day.


  • Mini Rex Rabbits are very popular because of their short hair. Due to having short hair, their hair falls less and does not cause much trouble.


  • Canadian Plush Lop Rabbits have very curly and silky hair, their nature is very happy, it mixes with people very easily.


Why rabbit is molting all the time?


1-  It could be a genetic problem due to which the rabbit’s hair falls. If you do not see any symptoms in the rabbit, then it must have got it from its ancestors.


2- Lice and fleas can also be the reason for hair loss in rabbits, often when it sticks in the body, it is very itchy, due to which there is a problem of hair fall in that place.


3- If your rabbit has been sick for some time, you may notice that the level of hair fall has increased. It can also be due to taking too much medicine.


4- Changes in the surrounding environment can also cause the hair to fall off your beloved rabbit. Everyone takes some time to get used to the changing environment.


5- Due to hormonal imbalance, the level of hair fall can increase in your rabbit, you will know this by watching the changing behavior of your rabbit.


6- Stress can also lead to shedding problems in rabbits, both anxiety and stress promote hair falling.


Precautions for controlling the rabbit shedding:-


* Daily brush your rabbit coat:-

You can help your rabbit by brushing them daily so that they do not have to suffer much. You should first clean all the hair of your pet so that it does not spread here and there in the house


* Take a regular bath

Just like we always keep ourselves clean, in the same way, we should always keep our pet clean so that its body does not itch and its hair fall also reduces. Just like we always keep ourselves clean, in the same way, we should always keep our pet clean so that its body does not itch and its hair fall also reduces.


* Provide healthy food

Maybe your rabbit’s hair is falling out from eating unhealthy food because food is the only thing we need and it also gives us a lot of energy and nutrition, so we should always eat healthy food.


* Keep hydrating your bunny

As you all know how important water is for the body, it keeps the normal body temperature and helps to digest the food, and most importantly prevents from getting dehydrated. Due to the deficiency of water in the rabbit body, the shedding of fur is certain.


* Keep the clean nearby area

You should ensure that the area around your rabbit is always kept clean so that germs and diseases do not spread, and it also prevents sickness.


* Regular checkup

Always take your pet to the veterinary hospital whenever you see a change in his behavior so that we can know about his illness or allergy as soon as possible.



Now you must have known why is your rabbit shedding? So you don’t need to worry about this, hair fall is very common. You just take care of your rabbit, feed him healthy food and brush it twice at the time of hair shedding. Make sure if you notice any changes in your bunny’s behavior then take him to the vet hospital.

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