Cat liking you is a very surprising thing because the cat often tries to hide its feelings and never reveals them. But if the cat is liking you, then, of course, there must be some reason behind it, because of which she is liking you, then you should try to know the reason. Do not hit with anything because it can spoil your relationship with the cat and the cat will not come back to you. Why does my cat only like me at night? for getting the answer to it you have to read the whole article. There may be other reasons why the cat likes you, for which you will have to read the whole article, I hope you like all those reasons.

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The reason why the cat likes you at night


* Warmth


As you all know that cats like warm places. During the day, the cat maintains its body temperature by sitting under the sunlight, often you must have seen that the cat sleeps in the window or wherever the sunlight is coming, but at night it has trouble finding a warm place. . Then the cat tries to come to you because the heat of your body gives her a lot of comforts, mostly she sleeps near the head and feet because the body temperature is high at that place. The cat likes warm and comfortable places in which they can sleep comfortably. If your cat also does this, then understand that it is looking for a warm place to sleep.


* Safety


The cat comes to you because it feels safe. You take care of your cat, because of which the cat trusts you. Let us understand with an example that when you are scared you go to elders. Like, your mother and father because you have faith in him that they will save you in every situation. Similarly, the cat also comes to you so that you can keep them safe. That time the cat will walk around you or try to play with you so that the two of you stay together.


* Attention


The cat must have done this because she wants all the attention of her owner to be on her only. If you try to ignore your cat, she will bother you by coming near you and will roll in front of you and it is mostly seen that the cat bites you to get your attention then do not get angry with your cat or don’t yell at her otherwise your cat won’t come back to you again. Your cat will try hard at night to get your attention so that it can sleep with you. And it may be that your cat is under stress, due to which it wants to spend some time with you because your cat feels good being with you and forgets all its stress.


* Companionship


If the cat is liking you at night, then it may be that she is looking at you as her companion because she will spend her time roaming here and there during the day, at night there is no one else with the cat except you, that’s when the cat doesn’t get any other companion than you. If you do some work, that time when you go out of the house, then your cat roams here and waits for you to come home so that you can play with your cat. There should be a similar relationship between the pet and its owner like two friends live with each other, in the same way, you have to behave like a friend with your cat in which you spend time with each other and plays many types of games.


Stimulate your cat’s behavior:-


Why does my cat only like me at night

If the cat is liking you, encourage it so that it always likes you. An owner and a pet should always be together so that the relationship between them never gets spoiled. If the cat likes you, then do not scold him because there will be some reason behind it, maybe it will feel stress-free when you snuggle him. There are many such breeds of cats that like to snuggle with their owner, so you should first see what your cat likes, otherwise it can paw you. Some cats like to be alone, they rarely go to meet with everyone. Often you must have seen that the cat keeps roaming throughout the day and when it is time to eat it comes back, it sounds a little mean but their nature is like this. It is possible that your cat is elder due to which she does not like to go anywhere, she prefers to spend all her time sitting or snuggling with you. Because little cats are very clever, they like to run and play, so they sit very hard in one place.


Why the cat doesn’t come to you during the day:-



The cat does not come to you during the day because it roams here and there or keeps sleeping in the sun throughout the day, A cat is such a pet that can sleep all day and hunts at night, but even then the cat will not come with you in the day and another reason for this may be that you work due to which you have to stay out of the house. Then the cat will be doing some other activity like playing with other cats, hunting, or roaming in your absence and that is why your cat must have got used to being alone during the day, due to which the cat won’t come to you even if you are present in the house.


Would it be safe to sleep with a cat?



Yes, you can sleep with your cat. If you feel that the cat will harm you, then it is not so at all. Although the cat is such an animal that sleeps all day and goes hunting at night, the cat sleeps with you because that place is heated by your body and cats like to sleep in a warm place. The only problem can be that the cat will wake you up early or start walking in your face at night which can disturb your sleep, apart from this you have no problem sleeping with your cat. Take as much time as possible with your cat so that the two of you can play and eat together.




When you have read why does my cat only like me at night, then you must have come to know that there can be many other reasons why the cat likes you only at night, but if your cat is under stress then, of course, She will come to you so that both of you spend time together and make each other feel good and remove all the stress of your cat. The cat also likes you because you take care of him and feed him on time. So you try to spend maximum time with your cat so that it doesn’t feel lonely and it likes to sleep with you because the heat of your body makes that place very warm and cats love to sleep in the warm place.