Can Hamsters Eat Apple?





Yes, hamsters can eat apples, which are very beneficial for their health. There are some breeds of hamsters that do not like to eat apples such as Robo hamsters and Dwarf hamsters because apples are very sweet and they don’t like to eat sweet things. Always feed the apple after peeling it, otherwise, it can get stuck in the throat of the hamster. You can feed the hamster with small pieces of apple because apple is rich in vitamin C, so there is no harm in feeding it. There are many reasons why a hamster can get sick even after consuming too much apple, which we will read about later. If a hamster can eat an apple then Can Hamster Drink Apple Juice?



Can Hamsters Drink Apple Juice?



No, hamsters cannot drink apple juice. As many nutrients are found in an apple, it does not get as much from apple juice, due to which there may be a lack of nutrients in the hamster. Keep the hamster away from apple juice as much as possible, otherwise, it may get used to it. You can drink water to the hamster instead of apple juice, it will not cause any harm to him and he will also be hydrated. If your hamster ever accidentally drinks the juice, you should take him to the veterinary hospital immediately, he may fall ill. Apple juice contains a high amount of sugar, which can increase the sugar level of the hamster.



Is Fruit Juice Safe For Hamster?



Can hamster drink apple juice



Many such fruit juices are beneficial for health. Whenever you give juice to the hamster, it should be natural and chemical-free. By the way, hamsters do not drink fruit juice much because they are not able to digest it, due to which they can have problems like stomach upset, stomach pain, etc. You should give juice to the hamster only on any occasion or treat so that he doesn’t have the habit of drinking juice continuously. Whenever you see changes in the behavior of the hamster, take him to the veterinary hospital immediately so that he does not become very sick.



What should you do If Your Hamsters Drink Apple Juice?


If your hamster has drunk apple juice, then you do not need to worry too much. First, you should check how much juice the hamster has drunk, if he has consumed more quantity then he can fall ill. Many such nutrients are found in apple juice which is not good for the health of the hamster, and he cannot digest it, due to which he has problems like upset stomach, toothache, etc. So you take him to the veterinary hospital immediately and get well soon. If the hamster has drunk a small amount of apple juice, then it can digest it so that it does not have that much problem.



Side effects of Apple Juice



1- Apple juice contains a high amount of sugar, which increases the chances of bacteria and cavities in the teeth. Due to which your hamster will have to suffer from a toothache. That’s why you should not drink too much apple juice to the hamster.


2- Apple juice does not contain as many nutrients as the hamster body needs, due to which it lacks nutrients. If you want to feed your hamster something, then feed him an apple because an apple is healthier than apple juice.


3- Oxalates are found in apple juice, due to which there is a possibility of stone formation in the kidney. If your hamster consumes a lot of oxalates, then it may have a kidney stone. Therefore, try to give oxalates-free juice to the hamster so that he doesn’t have to suffer these problems.


4- Excessive consumption of apple juice can cause problems like diarrhea and stomach pain in the hamster which are called gastrointestinal problems. Some nutrients are found in the juice, which the hamster cannot digest properly.


Final Thought


As you have read from the above article that hamsters can’t drink apple juice because it is not good for their health. Juice is not specially made for any animal because they can’t digest it properly that’s why they form many problems like stomach ache, vomiting, etc. Juice contains a very high amount of sugar, which increases the chances of developing diabetes and your hamster can become obese due to excessive consumption of juice. The amount of nutrients in apple juice is very low, which can lead to a lack of nutrients in your hamster’s body, so never give your hamster too much juice. More nutrients are found in apples than juice, so you should try to feed him more apples. Can hamster Drink Apple Juice? Now after reading the whole article you must have understood what you should do.

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