Can hamster eat gummies?


If you are thinking of feeding gummy bears to your hamster in a treat, then you shouldn’t do this because it is not good for their health. Gummy bears are very sweet and sticky, your hamster may like its taste because it is often seen that animals like to eat sweet things, Gummies can stick to a hamster’s teeth, causing cavities in its teeth. Gummy is specially made for humans because children love to eat sweet candy and they often insist on eating gummy bears. If you include gummy in your hamster’s regular diet, then he will fall sick, it has many disadvantages which we will read from the article given below, Can hamsters eat gummies? Let us know whether a hamster can also eat gummies because owning a pet is not an easy thing.


What should you do if your hamster eats gummies?


It depends on the hamster how much gummy he has eaten, if he has eaten only 1 or 2 gummies, then it will not cause much harm to him, he may digest it without any problem. If he has eaten too many gummies then you need to be worried as it can upset his stomach or stick to his teeth. So before you take him to the veterinary hospital, there are some steps that you have to follow, after that you have to decide whether he should be taken to the veterinary hospital or not.


  1. First of all, you should check how much gummy your hamster has eaten so that you can know how to treat your hamster. And keep an eye on your hamster whether he is vomiting or dizzy after eating gummies.
  2. After that, lock your hamster in the cage and hide all the gummies around the hamster so that he cannot eat them again. Hide the gummy in a place where your hamster can’t reach.
  3. Give water to the hamster so that it does not become dehydrated and any gummies stuck in its mouth will also be cleaned with water. Feed the hamster something that can clear its stomach, otherwise, its stomach may ache.
  4. If you still feel that your hamster is not well, then you should take him to the veterinary hospital so that it can get well soon. Don’t give your hamster the gummy again otherwise, he may fall sick again.


There are many shapes of gummies such as:-

  • Bear
  • Star
  • Flower
  • Sharks
  • Dinosaur
  • Worms
  • Heart


The most popular shape in Gummy is the bear, it is liked by all children and adult people and its taste is also very delicious. There are many gummies in which xylitol has been used instead of sugar because eating sugar can cause problems like diabetes to the hamster.

Haribo Gummy Bear is very popular in the United States because it has 5 very delicious flavors.

  1. Raspberry (Red)
  2. Orange (Orange)
  3. Strawberry (Green)
  4. Pineapple (Colorless)
  5. Lemon (Yellow)

Can hamster eat gummies

Sugar-free gummy bear (Xylitol Toxicity)

Xylitol poisoning is an artificial sugar that is used in place of sugar, because the amount of calories in normal sugar is very high, which is likely to cause diabetes and obesity. Xylitol is low in calories, but if used regularly, it will not be healthy for you and your hamster’s health. Excess consumption of xylitol can cause problems like diarrhea, gas, and bloating, and gummies are specially made for humans, and for those who are forbidden from eating sweets, gummies are made for them using xylitol.


What are the disadvantages of eating gummies?


1- Weight gain

Eating too much gummy can cause a hamster to gain weight because of its high sugar content. If you include gummies in a hamster’s regular diet, the hamster will quickly become fat, which can lead to various diseases. To reduce the weight of your hamster, you should stop him from eating gummies so that he does not gain weight.


2- Cavities

Cavities are very common if your hamster eats something sweet or eats gummies. Cavities make small holes in the hard surface of your teeth, which can cause pain and a foul smell in your teeth. To reduce cavities, you will need to stop feeding gummies to the hamster and always brush its teeth so that bacteria do not grow in its mouth.


3- Diabetes

Eating too much sugar can affect your hamster’s blood sugar, which increases his chances of developing diabetes. There are many gummies in which sugar is not used, which is specially made for people who have diabetes. Try to keep your hamster away from the gummy so he doesn’t get diabetes.


4- Choking

As you know gummies are very sticky, if not chewed properly, they can get stuck in the throat, and increased risk of suffocation. Hamster is not used to eating sticky things due to which he is unable to digest them properly. By the way, animals should not be fed sticky things because it is specially made for children.


5- Nutritional deficiency

Your hamster may be deficient in nutrition because gummies do not contain as much nutrition as a hamster needs. Gummies only contain a high amount of calories which are harmful to the health of the hamster.


Can hamster eat fruit gummies?


No, your hamster cannot eat fruit gummies because it contains more sugar than gummies, fruit gummies are made from fruit juice concentrate, due to which they lack fiber and protein, which is very harmful to the health of the hamster. Never feed fruit gummies to your hamster, avoid it as much as possible as it can worsen the health of the hamster. If your hamster ever accidentally eats fruit gummies, take him to the veterinary hospital immediately so that it can be treated.


Can all hamsters eat gummies?


It is not necessary that all the hamsters like to eat gummies, some breeds don’t like to eat sweets (gummy). Whenever you feed gummies to a hamster, first consult the vet doctor to avoid any allergies or side effects. Gummies are very sweet and sticky, due to which your hamster may have problems like hair loss and choking hazards. Try not to consume gummy daily, or else he will get used to it. The hamster is a very cute and small animal that eats whatever it finds without thinking and its digestive system is unable to digest it properly.




Can hamsters eat gummies? Now you must have got the answer that hamsters cannot eat gummies because it is not good for their health and gummies are very sticky which can be difficult for hamsters to chew. Animals like to eat sweets things, but after that, they may have problems like stomach aches, vomiting. If your hamster accidentally eats gummies, take him to the vet immediately so that he doesn’t get sick.


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