In this article we will cover Can hamsters drink milk? how much milk should your hamster drinking per day? Benefits of having milk? As we have been hearing since childhood that drinking milk strengthens our health and bones, in the same way, drinking milk is also very beneficial for animals, all the nutrients that are lacking in their body will be fulfilled by drinking milk. But taking more of anything has its disadvantages as well which we will read from the article given below. But milk is very beneficial for our health, which protects us from many diseases and makes the muscles strong.

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How much milk should your hamster drinking per day?


How much milk should your hamster drink in a day, it can only tell the breeds and age of your hamster because Syrian hamster eats more than Other, but if your hamster is older then you should not feed him milk because His digestive system will not be able to digest the milk, which can cause stomach pain or discomfort, due to which he starts behaving strangely and starts bothering you. So you should try to see the breed of your hamster first and then only try to feed it milk so that it does no harm. If you want to give milk to your hamster, then you should feed him only one bowl of milk in a day so that he does not have any problem and your hamster gets all the nutrition from milk.


Can hamster drink milk?


Benefits of having milk:-


– The one-time meal gets covered by drinking milk.


By drinking milk, it seems as if we have eaten one meal because drinking milk makes our stomach feel full and all the nutritional elements we get from one meal at a time, they get all from a glass of milk. You will also feel less hungry after drinking milk and your stomach will be full for a long time.


– Drinking milk strengthens bones and muscles.


Drinking milk strengthens your bones and muscles because we get calcium from milk which helps in making our bones and muscles strong. You can feed a bowl of milk to your hamster, but before that check, whether your hamster has any allergies. Because there are different breeds of hamster which may be allergic to drinking milk, then you should first give some milk to your hamster and then see if there is any side effect.


– Drinking milk prevent weight gain.


Protein is found in milk which helps in reducing weight. Consuming milk builds your muscles and also prevents weight gain. If your hamster’s weight is too much, then you can make him feed milk so that his weight does not increase and he also feels less hungry by drinking milk due to this the weight will be reduced more quickly.


– Helps to get out of depression.


Your depression is also cured by drinking milk, it has been studied that the element (Serotonin) is found in vitamin D helps in getting out of depression and stress. It may be that the lack of vitamin D in your hamster’s body is causing depression, which you can cure by drinking milk. If you do not sleep properly, then you can use milk in your diet so that you can sleep well.


Nutrients found in milk:-




As per 1 cup of milk(250ml)


21% of the Daily Value(DV)


10 Grams


9% of the DV


7% of the DV



Vitamin D

15% of the DV


14 Grams

Can we give milk to a baby hamster?





If you have a small hamster, then you should first try to keep it with its mother because drinking mother’s milk in childhood is very beneficial for health, the nutrients it will get from her mother’s milk, hardly get it from cow and goat milk. But if his mother is not with him, then you can take the advice of the veterinary doctor, whose milk should a hamster drink. Don’t feed him anything without the advice of the doctor as it can worsen his health. Otherwise, you can give him cow’s milk which will help him to grow up.


The side effect of having milk:-


  • Bloating


When there is sudden bloating after eating food, it often happens when there is a lot of gas in your stomach or there is some disturbance in your digestive system, due to which your stomach may start bloating. Due to bloating, your stomach may feel pain, discomfort, and vomiting. Your stomach size seems a bit big after eating food.


  • Cancer


Drinking milk can increase the chances of getting cancer because people nowadays use many pesticides in the fields and give many types of medicines and injections to the animals for their instant growth, due to which the chances of your hamster falling ill increases. If you want to feed your hamster milk, then you can first check the milk properly to see if there is anything mixed in it, which can harm your hamster.


  • Diarrhea


Drinking too much milk can cause diarrhea. The reason for this is that people who have lactose intolerance are unable to digest the lactose in the milk which can cause upset stomachs. If you use any dairy product other than milk, then there is a possibility of your diarrhea in that too. Due to which the fluid in your stool increases, it can cause you a lot of trouble, and your digestive system will also not work properly.


  • Nausea


Nausea can cause a lot of problems in your stomach and you will feel like you are going to vomit, again and again, if you try to eat anything after that you will feel like vomiting and may even vomit at some point in time. Can hamsters drink milk? If you keep vomiting like this, then you will hardly think of drinking milk again.



By drinking too much milk, your hamster may have a problem of constipation, it is not necessary that there is only diarrhea because the digestive system of all hamsters works differently, due to which no one knows when what will happen. If your hamster is older, then it is more likely to be constipated because its digestive system is unable to digest milk properly.




Now you have studied that the can hamsters drink milk? If your hamster does not have any allergies from drinking milk, then you can give him, so that all the nutrients found in it, your hamster gets and keeps him healthy. But consuming too much milk can also cause many problems, so that your hamster may not be able to digest properly and fall ill. If your hamster’s health starts getting worse, you should take him to the veterinary hospital immediately so that he can get well soon.