Can hamsters drink out of a bowl? If you have a hamster, then you must know that there is already a bottle holder in its cage. But many people do not like to give water to their hamster from the bottle, instead, they use the bowl and it has got very positive reviews which we will read in the article. You have to design the hamster’s cage in such a way that there is more space so that everything does not get congested. We will read in this article that can a hamster drink water from a bowl? Best Water Bowl for Hamster? Is it safe for hamsters to drink out of a bowl? How to make a hamster drink more water? You can read this much to know more about your lovely hamster.


Can hamsters drink out of a bowl?


Yes, a hamster can drink water from a bowl. Some days the hamster will have to be trained how to drink water from the bowl so that it does not spill the water. Check for a few days whether your hamster is using the bowl or not, if the hamster is not using the bowl, then you should use a bottle instead, otherwise, it will be dehydrated. There are also many types of bowls, to know which is the best bowl, you will also find it in the article below, and otherwise, your hamster may get hurt by the bowl. Always keep changing the water of the bowl, otherwise, bacteria can grow in it, which can worsen the health of your hamster. You can use both a bottle and a bowl for your hamster, the one that will use the most, you should keep it in its cage.


How to teach Hamsters to drink from a bowl?


Can hamsters drink out of a bowl


It can be a bit difficult to train a hamster in the beginning, but after some time he will learn how to drink water from the bowl. There are some steps that you have to follow.

Step 1– First of all, you take a small bowl and keep it in its cage where he can use it comfortably. Take a flat bowl so that the hamster’s mouth does not sink into it.

Step 2– In the bowl, you add some drops of his favorite flavor so that he tries to drink it.

Step 3– In the beginning, you don’t have to fill the hamster’s bowl until he learns to drink water from the bowl.

Step 4– If he is still not drinking water, then you should mix his food in it so that he drinks water along with his food.

Step 5– Encourage your hamster to drink water from the bowl, and make the bowl attractive so that the hamster is attracted to it.

Step 6– Always change the hamster’s bowl so that he is attracted to it, if he has a plastic bowl you can use metal, ceramic, and glass bowl.


What’s the Safest Way to Give My hamster’s Water?


By the way, both the methods are good, it depends on your hamster, from which he likes to drink water. If you are going on a journey, then the bottle cannot be used at that time, the bowl will be used more at that time.

If you are at home then you can use both the bowl and the bottle and keep both of them in such a place from where the hamster can drink water or else he will be dehydrated.

Do not bring the size of the bowl too big or small because if you bring an oversize, it may fall in it, or else all its water will spill down. And if you bring a small bowl, then he will not be able to drink water from it.

If you have more than one pet, then you should always keep the bowl and bottle clean so that there are no germs in them.

If you are going on a tour for a few days, then you can fill the hamster’s bottle full so that whenever he feels thirsty, he can drink water from it.

Sometimes something gets stuck in the bottle due to which water does not come and the hamster remains thirsty, so whenever you fill water in the bottle, first check whether the water is coming or not.

Now you have to decide whether you use a bowl or a bottle to give water to your hamster. You can use either of them, both are safe, they will not harm your hamster.


How to make hamsters drink more water?


There are many ways to encourage your hamster to drink water, which we will cover below. Water is very beneficial for health, it protects you from dehydration.

1- Keep the bowl of water around your hamster and keep it in a place where the hamster frequently visits. Hamsters are very lazy animals, if they find water nearby, they will drink, or else they will not.

2- If your hamster drinks less water, you can add a flavor of his choice to his bowl so that he will be attracted to it and taste it.

3- You should always change the bowl so that it looks very attractive and the bowl towards which the hamster is more attracted, then you should use the same.

4- You can bring a fountain for your hamster so that the hamster enjoys drinking water from it. The fountain looks very attractive which will look good at your home too.




Can hamsters drink from a bowl? So the answer is yes. You can make your hamster drink water from any bowl and bottle, both are good ways. It is a little easier to drink water in a bowl because you can change the water frequently and also change its place. Many hamsters urinate in the bowl or spill water in the cage, so it is very important to train your hamster. The hamster’s bowl should not be too sharp otherwise, it could hurt the hamster. Now you can play with your lovely hamster and go on a trip anywhere.

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