As we all know how healthy fruits and vegetables are for health. One of them is the Apricot, which is very beneficial for health apricots are a species belonging to the Prunus sect and this fruit looks like a small peach. If you are reading this article, it means that your hamster has tried to eat Apricot, then you have come to know that it is good for him or not. So you don’t need to worry much, it will not harm the hamster. It grows in trees and there are many ways to eat it, which we will read in the article. There are many advantages and disadvantages of eating apricot, which you have to avoid before feeding them to the hamster so that the health of your hamster does not get worse. It is not always necessary that what you are eating will be equally healthy for the hamster because there are many such fruits that the hamster cannot eat, especially citrus fruits.


Can hamsters eat apricot?


Yes, the hamster can eat apricot fruit because it contains many nutrients and vitamins which is very good for the hamster’s health and your hamster will love it. Avoid apricot seeds to hamsters as they contain amygdalin which is very harmful to health and your little cute animal will not be able to digest it. The growth and health of your pet depend on its food, the kind of food you feed it will be reflected in its health, So before feeding anything new, you should check with the vet if it is healthy for him or not. Try not to include apricots in the hamster’s regular diet otherwise, it will become obese, dried apricots contain more sugar than raw apricots, so you should reduce the intake of dried apricots.


Can the Syrian hamsters eat Apricot?


The amount of apricots your hamster can eat depends on its size and breed. The Syrian hamster or golden hamster is the largest in size and can digest more food than any other hamster. If you feed a Syrian hamster anything other than its regular diet, don’t overfeed it otherwise it could develop allergies or diseases. Apricot is a very tasty fruit that contains a lot of nutrients, it is great if your hamster is eating it but do not feed it in excess as it has a very high sugar content. You feed Apricot twice a week or 5-6 times a month and before feeding, cut it into small pieces and peel it so that it doesn’t get stuck in its throat. If the hamster has any problem with eating apricot, then you should immediately take him to the veterinary hospital.


Can Dwarf hamster eat apricot?


Now let’s see if the Dwarf Hamster can eat as many Apricots as the Syrian Hamster eats. As you all know the dwarf hamster is half the size of the Syrian hamster, so its food will also behalf according to that. Whenever you feed something new, keep an eye on it because he is not able to digest anything quickly, so whenever you feel that he is having trouble, then you should immediately take him to the veterinary hospital. Dwarf hamsters are mostly found in Europe and North America and are very aggressive. As you know, apricots contain a high amount of sugar, which makes the hamster prone to diabetes and obesity.


Can Roborovski hamster eat apricot?


The smallest of the three species of hamster is the Robo hamster. You can feed them apricots equal to their paws, do not include apricots in their regular diet, and feed them only occasionally and on treats. Roborovski hamsters are omnivores, they eat mostly grains, fruits, and vegetables, but sometimes they eat small insects and they live underground in winter and eat whatever food is collected in summer. The diet of the Roborovski hamster depends on its body weight, if it is overweight then it will eat more food and it will also digest it easily.


Nutritional value in raw apricot.

Let us take an example from 100 grams of raw apricots. Raw apricots contain high amounts of vitamins A and C, eating it will not cause dehydration problems as it contains a high amount of water which helps to keep the hamster hydrated. Raw apricots contain less amount of sugar as compared to dried apricots, so there will be more chances of getting diabetes by eating dried apricots. Initially, feed apricot in small quantities to the hamster so that eating it does not cause any allergy to the hamster.

Nutritional value 

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Vit E


Vit C







Can hamsters eat dried apricot?



You should keep the hamster away from dried apricots as much as possible as they are unhealthy for a hamster’s diet. There are many disadvantages of eating dried apricots as they contain a lot of sugar which is not beneficial for the health of the hamster. To make the dried apricots appear attractive, artificial color is added to them. When the apricot dries, the relative concentrations of nutrients such as vitamins, iron, and potassium increase.

Nutritional Value

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Vit E


Vit C













Can hamsters eat apricot kernels?


Hamster cannot eat apricot kernels. Whenever you feed apricots to a hamster, always remove the kernels otherwise, it may get stuck in its throat. Apricot kernels are very large in size and if a hamster tries to chew it, its gums can bleed. Apricot kernels contain amygdalin, a poison that can cause vomiting, fever, and liver problems, so never feed it to a hamster. If the hamster ever tries to eat kernels, it can even die, so instead of kernels, you can feed something healthy that the hamster likes.


Can hamsters eat apricot skin or stem?


No, a hamster cannot eat both the skin and the stem of an apricot. Raw fruits and unpeeled fruits contain oxalate, which is very harmful to health, due to its frequent consumption, the hamster gets kidney stones, vomiting, and urine stops. Whenever you feed apricots to the hamster, always ignore the skin and stem, otherwise, it may become more ill. Apricot peel is very sticky and can get stuck in hamster’s teeth, its skin takes more time to digest than apricot fruit.


Can hamsters eat apricot tree leaves?


As we all know hamster eats green grass and leaves but they cannot eat apricot leaves because it contains amygdalin which is very harmful to health. Continuous use of amygdalin can cause upset stomach, vomiting, and liver problems in a hamster. You have many other options for feeding your hamsters such as alfalfa hay, timothy hay, and orchard hay.


Benefits of apricot-


Apricot is one of the healthiest fruits in the world, with loads of benefits. Apricot is mainly found in a few countries like Turkey, Italy, Iran, France, and the USA. Turkey is the biggest cultivate and producer of apricots in the world. It’s said that fresh apricot gives you vitamin C, vitamin A, and potassium.


1- Good source of Vitamin A.

Apricot is a rich source of Vitamin A (retinol), which improves the quality of vision. Scientifically it is shown that apricot has retinol and beta carotene have a significant role in treating eye-related disorders. Eye problems such as loss of vision can be problems for an animal. Therefore they treat such problems with retinol and beta carotene (also present in apricots) also reduce the chance of an eye-related disorder called neovascular ARMD- an age-related macular degeneration.


2- Protect from disease.

Nutrients like antioxidants and vitamin C are present in apricots which help in maintaining and boosting the immune system. If your hamster’s immune system is weak, then you can get him to consume apricot. Before feeding Apricot, remove its peel and kernels and feed it by making small portions of its fruit.


3- The good source of fiber.

Apricots contain fiber which helps in the digestion of food. Fiber helps to reduce the bad cholesterol content in the body and at the same time, it increases good cholesterol. If you feed the hamster something out of its regular diet, it will not be able to digest it easily, which will lead to an upset stomach.


4- Strengthens the bone.

Apricot is a good source of calcium. They are fully loaded with minerals like calcium and potassium, which play a crucial role in developing bone. Intake and absorption of calcium are directly related to bone health and its further growth. Minerals necessary for bone growth are calcium, phosphorous, manganese, iron, and copper, whereas apricot is the best source for all such resources. It is said that without enough potassium, the calcium is not absorbed uniformly and the good thing is apricot has both of them.


The risk of eating apricot?


  • Apricots contain high amounts of sugar, which increases the chances of getting diabetes. If your hamster already has diabetes, keep him away from fruits, or else he will get sick. If you keep feeding apricots in very small quantities to the hamster, then it will be less likely to develop diabetes.


  • Many animals are allergic to eating apricots, so you should first check if your hamster is allergic to eating apricots. To check this, you should give a small amount of apricots in the beginning and keep an eye on it for some time, if the hamster has any problem then take it to the veterinary hospital immediately.


  • Whenever you feed apricots to the hamster, feed it only after peeling and removing the kernels otherwise, it can cause upset stomach, vomiting, and liver damage. Apricot kernels contain amygdalin which is very harmful to health. Always feed the hamster by making small pieces of apricots fruit which he can chew and digest easily.


  • Apricots contain high amounts of sugar, which can make your hamster gain weight quickly. If your hamster is very thin, then you can feed him apricots 3-4 times a week so that he becomes fat, and if he is fat then don’t feed him apricots. Do not include apricots in the hamster’s regular diet, you should feed them only on any occasion or treat.


Can hamsters drink apricot juice?



Can hamsters eat apricot



Apricot juice does not contain as many nutrients as are found in apricots fruit. To make Apricot juice, artificial sugar is added to it, which is very harmful to health. You can give the hamster a drink of plain water instead of apricot juice. Try that whatever you feed to the hamster is all-natural, if any kind of chemical is mixed in it, then it will not be able to digest it.


Final thought


Can a hamsters eat apricots? Yes hamster can eat apricots. Apricots contain many nutrients which are very beneficial for health, but consuming too much of anything has its side effects as well. How many apricots should be eaten by which hamster depends on its breed and size. Whenever you feed apricots to hamsters, always peel them and remove the kernels as they are unhealthy for hamsters. If you think that a hamster is allergic to apricot, then you should stop feeding it and take it to the veterinary hospital immediately.

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