Can hamsters eat dog food?

As you all know that hamsters are herbivores and dogs are omnivores. Similarly, the dietary requirement of both pets is different. Often hamsters love to eat, due to which they start eating whatever they get. The food of both the animals contains different things like fiber in herbivorous animals and protein and fat in omnivorous animals. And it may happen in your house also that some members of your family are vegetarian and some are non-vegetarian, they have a different taste from each other. Similarly, now we try to know whether can hamsters eat dog food.

Is dog food healthy for hamsters?

Dog food is not healthy for the hamster’s digestive system. It is often seen that the dog’s food contains high amounts of protein, fat, and carbohydrates and less fiber which is not beneficial for the hamster’s body because the hamster’s body needs more fiber and less protein. Taking more amount of protein can make your hamster ill, due to which the digestive system of the hamster can be disturbed. As you know that dogs are omnivores, so their food is also full of protein and fat, and that food is not healthy for herbivores animal. Dog food can be like poison for hamsters, it has often been seen that whenever an animal eats more according to its diet, it has to deal with many problems which have a significant effect on its health.

What to do if a hamster has eaten dog food

If your hamster has eaten dog food, then some of the following symptoms will be seen in it:-

  • By the way, you do not need to be so worried about this, but first, find out how much your hamster has eaten dog food. If less quantity then it will not harm him that much, if he has eaten more quantity then the problem may arise.
  • The hamster’s digestive system may not work properly, it cannot digest that food properly, due to which the hamster may have problems like upset stomach and vomiting.
  • Eating dog food can cause gum problems for your hamster because both animals have different types of teeth, dog food is made according to its teeth to chew it.
  • Your hamster’s digestion may have worsened by eating dog food, due to which it may stop eating food and fall ill.
  • After eating dog food, keep an eye on your hamster to see if he is falling ill or if there are any changes in his behavior. If you see something like this, then you should immediately take your hamster to the veterinary hospital and get it checked.

Why shouldn’t hamsters eat dog food?


As we already know that hamsters are herbivores and hamsters cannot eat dog food because it contains high amounts of protein, fat, and carbohydrates which are harmful to the hamster’s digestive system and it can be very difficult to digest. Hamsters often like to drink clean water and eat fresh green grass. For the proper functioning of the hamster’s digestive system, hay is very much needed because the hamster is an herbivore, they prefer that food in which they get a high amount of fiber. Some such nutrients are found in the dog’s diet food, which proves to be harmful to the hamster’s health. Therefore, you should try to keep your hamster away from dog food.

How to keep hamsters away from dog food

There are some following points on how to keep your hamster away from dog food which are as follows

Whenever you feed pet food to your dog, keep in mind that your hamster is not present at that place because if the hamster sees it, then it will definitely come to eat it.

It would help if you changed the timing of eating of both the animals so that both are not present at each other’s mealtime.

Hamsters are animals that need something to eat all the time, just like cows are buffaloes, which keep chewing their mouth all day long, and so are hamsters. You try that the hamster must always have something to eat.

Make a cage for your hamster, whenever he moves towards the dog’s food, you lock him in that cage.


What does a hamster like to eat?

can hamsters eat dog food

It is often seen that hamsters love to eat grass, the reason behind this may be that they are herbivores, you feed your hamster fresh and green grass, it is very healthy for their digestive system and they can digest it very easily, there is some grass that many hamsters like to eat such as timothy, orchard grass, and brome.

You can give treats to your hamster. Such as fruits (apple, and pears), but keep this thing in mind do not give him too much fruit because it can make him obese. It’s okay to give treats once or twice a week so your hamster doesn’t get fat.

The pellets are said to be very beneficial for the health of the hamster as it contains a high amount of fiber, whenever you go to buy the pellets, keep in mind that it is fresh or else your hamster may not eat them. Some amount of protein is also found in pellets, which is not beneficial for the hamster, so try not to feed him too many pellets.

Provide clean water for the hamster to drink at all times so that he does not have problems like dehydration. And try to keep the water in such a place that it is easy for the hamster to drink it.


Now you must have got the answer to this question can hamsters eat dog food? Then you should try to keep your hamster away from dog food. Hamsters have a habit of eating something throughout the day, due to which they eat whatever they see, but after some time their digestive system is unable to digest it. Whenever you feel that your hamster is sick, take him to the veterinary hospital immediately so that his condition does not worsen.

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