Can Hamsters eat Earthworms?


No, hamsters cannot eat earthworms because they cannot digest them properly. Many people feed earthworms to their pets to make up for the protein, if your hamster is deficient in protein then you can also feed him earthworms. There are also many ways to feed earthworms, which we will cover in the article. Whenever you feed a hamster something new that is not included in its regular diet, consult the doctor before feeding it so that it does not fall ill.


What are Earthworms?


Can hamsters eat Earthworms


Earthworms are mostly found in the soil and their scientific name is Lumbricus Terrestris. Their maximum life cycle period is 6 years or more and they are herbivores. Earthworms are decomposers of dead and decomposed organic matter and obtain nutrition from fungi and bacteria that grow on these materials. There are many people who consume earthworms because they contain a lot of protein and it has many other benefits which we will read below.


1- Earthworms are a high source of protein that helps in fighting diseases such as fever, asthma, and tuberculosis. Consuming protein makes the stomach feel full and appetite is also less, if your hamster is fat then it will benefit him.

2-  Helps in lowering high blood pressure. If the level of blood pressure continues to rise, then the risk of health problems such as heart attack and stroke can increase.

3- Helps in treating infections of the digestive tract. Helps fight against digestive problems such as stomach aches, diarrhea, and ulcers.


Are Worms Poisonous to Hamsters?


Yes, earthworms can be poisonous to hamsters if your hamster eats them directly from the soil. If the worms are alive, they can be poisonous, causing the hamster to vomit or be allergic, and may be infected with giant kidney worms. If you want to feed worms, then you should buy them from a store and try to buy dried and dead earthworms so that the hamster does not have any problem. Hamsters are herbivore animals that like to eat only grass, so hamsters may not like to eat earthworms. If you feel that the health of the hamster is deteriorating after eating it, then you should take him to the veterinary hospital.


How to stop Hamsters from eating earthworms?


  • Always keep your hamster in the cage so that it does not go out and eat earthworms. If you leave the hamster to play outside, then it may try to eat earthworms because earthworms attract the hamster towards them with their antics. Whenever you feel that the hamster is going to the soil, then you should lock it in the cage so that it does not try to go again.


  • Train your hamster so that it doesn’t eat earthworms. It may take some time for the hamster to learn in the beginning, but after some time when he learns, he will not eat earthworms on his own. Whenever a hamster eats earthworms, you can stop it by scolding, hitting, and spraying water, these are some ways with the help of which you can train the hamster.


  • Feed your hamster something tasty and healthy food so that he doesn’t need to eat anything else. Often animals eat outside things when they are lacking in nutrition and to make up for it, they eat anything from outside, so you should feed the hamster such food in which all the nutrition is available.


  • Keep your hamster busy so that he does not get a chance to play outside and you can use toys to keep him busy. There are many other ways that you can use to keep the hamster busy.


Final thought


Hamsters are very small and cute animals that have to be well taken care of. These herbivores are animals that like to eat only grass, vegetables, and fruits, so you should always feed them fresh and green vegetables so that their health remains good. If you feel that the hamster is lacking in protein or any nutrition, then you should go to the veterinary hospital and get it checked and don’t feed him anything without consulting the doctor. Your hamster may try to eat earthworms while playing outside, so you should keep an eye on it, otherwise he may get sick. Can hamsters eat Earthworms? Now all your doubts will be clear after reading the article, if you have any queries related to it then comment on it.

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