Can hamsters eat lobster?

Lobster is mostly found on the sea coast, it lives in rocky, sandy, and muddy bottoms. He uses his antennae as a sensor. The estimated lifespan of a wild hamster is 50 years or more, and although its age is very difficult to determine. Like snails, spiders, Hemocyanin is also found in lobsters, due to which they have blue blood in which copper is found. Lobsters are omnivores and generally eat live prey such as fish, mollusks, insects, and some plants. There are also many ways to eat lobster, which we will read in the article below. Can hamsters eat raw lobster? Can Hamsters Eat Lobster Shells? Is Lobster Safe for Hamsters? The answer to all these questions will be made clear to you in the article.


Nutritional value in lobster.


As per 1 cup(145gram)




29 grams


1.5 grams


 1 grams


195% of the DV( daily value)


185%  of  the DV


50% of the DV

Vitamin B 12

55% of the DV


80% of the DV


290 mg

Omega 3 fatty acids are found in the fatty layers of cold-water fish and shellfish. It is of two types long-chain, and short-chain but you will find long-chain in lobster, in which EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic) will be found. Lobster is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals which are very beneficial for health. The selenium found in lobsters absorbs the thyroid hormones and helps in boosting your immunity.

If the amount of copper in your body is low, then you may have anemia, so you should keep consuming lobster because the amount of copper in it is high. High protein foods help you maintain a healthy weight and also prevent excessive hunger, which will prevent your hamster from gaining weight.


Can hamsters eat lobster shells?


Lobster shells are very tough which are very difficult to digest. It can get stuck in your hamster’s throat and suffocate it. The lobster shell is very sharp that your hamster will not be able to chew well before swallowing. These sharp shells can bite your gums, mouth, and throat, so when eating lobster, always avoid its shells. Lobster is not given to animals only because of the sharp shell otherwise it is very healthy. Vitamin B12 is found in the lobster’s shells, which is very beneficial for health, but due to its hard and sharp corners, it cannot be chewed.


Can hamsters eat raw lobster?


can hamsters eat lobster


No, hamsters cannot eat raw lobster as it contains germs and bacteria which is very bad for health. If you ever feed raw lobster to your hamster, then he may have problems like vomiting, stomach pain, etc. Although hamsters are omnivores, this does not mean that they can eat any animal. Wild hamsters only eat small insects when they are playing in the soil, domestic hamsters do not eat insects because they stay indoors all day and are fed food that nourishes them, so they don’t need to eat anything from outside. If you ever feed lobster to a hamster, always feed it cooked, or else it can get sick. Whenever you feed a hamster something that is not included in its regular diet, you should pay attention to its behavior so that if it becomes sick you can take it to the vet immediately.


Is lobster safe for hamsters?


No, the hamster cannot eat lobster, it is very bad for its health. Because it contains a lot of sodium, calories, and salt, which is very harmful to health, your hamster is a very small and cute animal that will not be able to digest a lobster. The hamsters are omnivores they eat very small insects, not lobsters. If you have to feed him any seafood, then you can feed him apart from lobster, you will also get information about this in the article. You should not try to feed lobster to your hamster otherwise it may cause problems like vomiting, upset stomach. The shell of the lobster is very hard, which is very difficult to chew. Many animals are allergic to eating lobster, so if you try to feed it, then first check whether your hamster also has any allergy from eating lobster.


What seafood can hamsters eat?


  • Fish-

The hamsters can eat fish because it contains a lot of nutrients. They digest it very easily, but consuming too much of anything is not good for their health. You can feed fish to your hamster without any worries.


  • Cod-

Cod is very good seafood that your hamster can easily eat. Cod is rich in Vitamin D, Omega 3, and healthy fats which are great for health and are low in mercury.


  • Salmon-

Salmon is a very excellent choice which you can feed without worry, the nutrition in it is very good for the hamster and whenever you feed salmon, feed it into small pieces which he can chew easily. Boneless salmon is a portion of very good and delicious food that you can include in the diet of a hamster.


  • Shrimp-

Nutrients like iron, vitamin B, and zinc are found in shrimp which are very beneficial for health. Feeding it will not cause any problem to your hamster. Before feeding the shrimp, cook them thoroughly so that all their germs are killed.


  • Sardines-

A good amount of nutrients are also found in Sardines which are very good for health. Whenever you go to buy sardines, always take them fresh otherwise, your hamster may have an upset stomach and vomiting.


Why shouldn’t hamsters eat lobster?


1- Allergic reaction-

Many humans and animals are allergic to eating seafood, so first you should make sure that your hamster is also not allergic. First of all, try feeding a small piece, if you see any change in his behavior, then you should immediately take him to the veterinary hospital.


2- Obesity

The amount of calories and fats in lobster is very high, which can increase the weight of the hamsters if consumed in excess. If your hamster is very fat, then you should get him to avoid lobster.


3- Choking hazards

The shell of the lobster is very hard and cannot be chewed properly. The shell is very sharp, which can cause bleeding from the hamster’s gums and mouth. If you try to feed a lobster shell to a hamster, it could get stuck in its throat.


4- Avoiding raw seafood

If you want to feed seafood to the hamster, then always feed it cooked because there is a lot of poison in raw seafood. Many bacteria are found in raw seafood, such as Salmonella and Vibrio vulnificus, due to which the hamster can have problems like diarrhea, fever, and abdominal pain.


5- High cholesterol

Consuming a high amount of cholesterol can be harmful to health. High cholesterol increases the risk of heart attack and heart attack in the hamster. You should not make the hamster consume food that has a high amount of cholesterol.


6- The high amount of sodium

Sodium is very important for the body as it helps in maintaining the water content in your body. If the amount of sodium in the body is low, then problems like kidney failure, dehydration, and diabetes can occur. If sodium intake is high, then blood pressure can increase.




Can hamsters eat lobster? No, there are many reasons why hamsters cannot eat lobster, which we have covered in the above article. Lobster has a lot of nutrition which is very beneficial for health, but due to their hard shell, it is avoided to eat. If you have to feed seafood to your hamster, then you have been given many options apart from lobster which you can use. Lobster is very healthy for humans, so you can consume them.

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