Can hamsters eat oats?

Yes, hamsters can eat oats. There are many brands of oats, out of which you will have to read the entire article to know which oats your hamster can eat. Whenever you feed a hamster something different from its diet, always feed it in small amounts in the beginning. It is a good source of soluble fiber that will help a hamster to pass the irregular bowel movements if he has constipation. How to Feed Oatmeal to Hamster? What you can add to your hamster’s oatmeal?


What you can add to your hamster’s oatmeal?


By the way, you can also feed plain oats to your hamster, but if your hamster does not eat plain oats, then you can add something else that he likes. Here are some names of what you should add to your hamster’s oats.


  • You can add fruits to the hamster’s oats because he likes to eat fruits such as apples, strawberries, and bananas. Avoid the seeds and skin of any fruit otherwise, it can get stuck in its throat.


  • You can add cheese to oats, which enhances the taste of oats but keep in mind that cheese should not be consumed in excess because it contains a high amount of fat and sodium, which can make the hamster sick if consumed continuously.


  • Sunflower seeds contain many nutrients that you can add to hamsters’ oats. Always avoid salted sunflower, it is not good for their health. Due to this, the digestive system of the hamster will also remain good.


  • You can mix different types of vegetables in oats such as broccoli, cucumbers, and cauliflowers, you can feed them by cooking them well. Always use cooked vegetables, this will not cause any allergy to the hamster.


  • You can use yogurt in oats, which will enhance the taste of oats. Use plain yogurt so that he does not have any allergies because there are many flavors of yogurt which hamsters cannot eat.


How to feed oatmeal to your hamster?



Cook the oats thoroughly before feeding them, otherwise they will remain raw, which can cause a hamster’s stomach ache or vomiting.

You should not include oats in the regular diet of the hamster, feed oats only on any occasion or feast.

Feed your hamster only whole grain oats, they are very healthy and natural. Compared to processed grains, whole grain oats are more nutritious.

Feed oats to hamsters in moderation as they are high in calories which can make your hamster fat.

Whenever you buy oats for hamsters from the shop, always check it thoroughly because many people add artificial flavor to them.

Before feeding oats to the hamster, you should soak the oats in water for a few hours before so that it doesn’t have any problem eating it.


How many oats can a hamster eat?


This will depend on the breed of your hamster as there are many breeds that have different sizes of digestive systems. In the beginning, you feed the hamster a small amount of oats, if he does not have any problem, then you can gradually increase the amount of oats, if you feed more oats to the hamster in the beginning, then his stomach may get upset. Before feeding oats, check the health condition of your hamster, if he is sick, then do not feed him oats, otherwise, his condition may worsen. Whenever you buy oats from the shop, always check them thoroughly because many people add artificial flavor or sugar to them. Before feeding oats, you should consult the vet so that he does not have any problem by eating it, whenever you include something new in the hamster’s diet, always do it after asking the doctor.


Can hamsters eat raw oats?



Raw oats are not good as compared to cooked oats. Raw oats are a bit difficult to digest and they are also a bit hard. Raw oats contain phytic acid which can bind with certain minerals and make them harder to absorb in the body. If you still want to feed raw oats to the hamster, then you have to keep it soaked in water for some time before eating it so that it becomes soft to eat. If the hamster’s health worsens after eating raw oats or starts vomiting, then you should immediately take him to the veterinary hospital.


Can hamsters eat porridge oats?


can hamsters eat oats?


Yes, hamsters can eat porridge oats. Oats also have many flavors, out of which you should always feed plain oats to your hamster. Oats contain salt and sugar, which is not good for a hamster’s health. There are many ways to make porridge oats such as

1- First of all wash the oats as well as clean and wash the vegetables which you have to mix in the oats. By the way, you should make plain oats for the hamster.

2- Fry the oats well in a pan until a good smell comes from it, after roasting it, the oats become delicious.

3- After roasting well, you should cook the oats in the cooker and if you want to add any vegetables or fruits, then mix that too.

4- After some time you normalize the oats according to the room temperature and feed the hamster in small quantities.


What kind of oats is safe for hamsters?


By the way, there are many types of oats such as instant oats, rolled oats, and steel-cut oats, etc. Steel-cut oats are cut into 2-3 pieces and have a chewy texture, Rolled oats are popular since a long time ago and they are steamed so that it stays fresh for a longer time, Rolled oats cook faster than Steel oats. Instant oats are cut into very small pieces and cook faster than rolled oats and steel-cut oats. Milled oats, rolled oats and steel-cut oats are better for your hamster than instant oats. To make instant oats fast, many nutrients are added to them, which can make the hamster sick by consuming them. Never feed a hamster with flavored oats and pre-mixed oats as they all contain high amounts of sugar and xylitol which are not good for the hamster’s health. Whenever you make oats for hamsters, do not cook them in milk because dairy products contain lactose which the hamster will not be able to break down.


Health benefit of eating oats-


1- Lower cholesterol

Oats contain soluble fiber which helps in reducing cholesterol. Due to high cholesterol, there is heart attack and heart pain, due to which many animals and humans have died. Consuming oats in the right amount will help in reducing cholesterol.


2- Make fur healthy and shiny

Oats contain vitamin B and the omega 6 fatty acid, linoleic acid, which helps to make the hamster’s fur healthy and shiny. This mixture of acids and vitamins keeps the skin and fur healthy. You can use it even if the hamster’s hair growth is less.


3- Relieve constipation

If your hamster has a problem with constipation, you can still feed it oats so that its stomach can be cleaned properly. Oats contain fiber which helps in curing constipation.


4- Can improve blood sugar

If a hamster is diabetic or overweight, his blood sugar can rise, which can make him sicker. Eating oats lowers blood sugar levels as it contains soluble fiber beta-glucan which lowers blood sugar levels.


5- Reduce weight

Eating oats helps in controlling the weight of the hamster as it contains beta-glucan which makes the stomach feel full. The satiety hormone reduces calorie intake, which prevents weight gain.


Nutritional value as per 100 grams in oats


As per 100 gram




9 g


70 g


410 kcal


8 mg







Dietary Fibre


Final thought

Now you will get the answer that can hamsters eat oats? So the answer is yes. Oats are very tasty and healthy food, which you can feed to hamsters, it will not impair your hamster’s health, but don’t exchange oats with his regular diet. Avoid milk for the hamster whenever you feed him oats because milk contains lactose which can be difficult for him to break down, keep the hamster away from all dairy products. You can use water instead of milk, this will not cause any problem to the hamster and he will easily digest it. Before buying oats from the store, check thoroughly whether artificial flavors, sugar have been used in it.

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