What are the Pretzels?

Pretzels are a type of baked snack food made from flour. They come in both hard and soft varieties as well as salty and sweet flavors. Most pretzels have a general shape that resembles a knot. The unique shape of pretzels is a symmetrical loop created by joining the ends of a long strip of dough together and then folding them back over each other to form a “pretzel loop.” But as you might expect, modern pretzels can assume any shape and form, depending on how they’re prepared. While flour and flour are the basic ingredients used to prepare pretzels, these pastries usually also contain salt as a condiment. According to legends, these pastries were invented by desperate bakers who were taken hostage by their local dignitaries. There are also legends that state that pretzels were invented by ancient Christian monks as a symbol of arms crossed in prayer. Washing soda (sodium hydroxide solution) is another common ingredient used in pretzels, which is mostly added to give the crackers their traditional skin as well as enhance their flavors.


Can hamsters eat pretzels?


Pretzels, a favorite snack of humans, are cooked snacks that are sprinkled with salt. Addicted to you, but can your hamster enjoy them with you? Yes, your hamster can eat pretzels, but not as the main part of their diet. While feeding small amounts of pretzels to hamsters is not harmful, feeding them large amounts of pretzels can cause digestive distress such as diarrhea, infection, and GI stasis. Pretzels are mostly made of salt, butter, flour, sugar, and eggs. Not all of which are recommended to feed to a hamster. If you feel that your hamster’s health is deteriorating or there is a change in his behavior, then you should take him to the veterinary hospital immediately.


Things to remember before feeding pretzels to your hamsters-


Before feeding the pretzels to the hamster, there are some things that you have to remember so that it does not harm him. Pretzels are a snack that has some advantages and disadvantages that we will read about in the article.

1- Most hamsters love pretzels.

There are many breeds of hamsters who like to eat pretzels, but it is not necessary that all the hamsters like him. So after feeding Pretzel, check the behavior of the hamster whether he likes it or not.

However, you should see that your hamster’s love for Pretzel does not turn into an addiction and uncontrolled craving. Regardless of how receptive to your hamster Pretzel, you should give food to your hamster only as a topical treatment. Pretzels should not replace your hamster’s regular diet.

2- Check the Pretzels ingredients list.

As you all know that many ingredients are mixed in pretzels snacks which are not good for the health of the hamster. These are some common things that every pet owner wants to ignore from their pet’s diet.

Salt– Consuming high amounts of salt can be harmful to the hamster’s health which is manifested by gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea and neurological symptoms such as seizures and shivering.

Sugar– As we all know that sweet is not good for the hamster or any other animal because it leads to obesity and weight gain, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and oral diseases.

Cheese– As you may know that there are many ingredients found in the present like – Salt, Sugar, Mustard, and Cheese. Weight gain is an immediate health concern it should be worried about. In addition, cheese can also cause a hamster-like gastrointestinal crisis, especially since it has lactose and most adult hamsters’ lactose are intolerant.

3- Not all hamsters can eat pretzels.

Hamsters with sensitive stomachs and those with suppressed immune systems should not eat pretzels. That includes elderly hamsters, baby hamsters, pregnant and nursing hamsters, as well as sickly hamsters. There are many species of hamsters who do not like to eat pretzels so, in the beginning, you should feed a very small amount of pretzels so that it does not cause much harm.

4- Look out for choking hazards.

Even if all of the ingredients used in preparing the pretzels are harmless to your hamster, be aware of the choking hazards.

Pretzels are generally classified as soft or hard, depending on how quickly they should be eaten after preparation.

Can Hamsters Eat Hard Pretzels? As you might expect, hard pretzels will most likely lead to choking. What soft pretzels, can hamsters eat soft pretzels? If you want to feed him pretzels, then try to feed him soft ones, otherwise, avoid him.

Best alternative snacks of pretzels for hamsters-


Try to wash it thoroughly before feeding anything to the hamster so that it does not contain any kind of germs, and whatever you feed should be fresh so that he does not have any allergies or diarrhea. Try not to include junk food and citrus fruits, seeded fruits in the hamster’s diet. Dwarf hamsters are more prone to diabetes, so keep them away from sweet fruits and any sweet thing, otherwise, they can become more ill. These are the names of some healthy fruits and vegetables that you should include in your hamster’s diet.

  1. Apple
  2. Banana
  3. Broccoli
  4. Hay
  5. Sunflower seeds
  6. Brown rice (cooked)
  7. Spinach
  8. Cucumber
  9. Carrots
  10. Nuts (Unsalted, no almonds)

What to do if your hamsters eat pretzels?



First of all, you know how much pretzels your hamster has eaten, if he eats a small amount of pretzels then it will not harm him much, he will digest it easily. If a hamster has eaten a large amount of pretzels, take him to a veterinary hospital immediately so that he can be treated quickly, otherwise, his health may worsen.

You may be asked to take your hamster in for a check-up or treatment, or you may be advised to monitor your hamster to see if any symptoms develop.

You should do this if your hamster has eaten too many pretzels anyway, especially young hamsters and smaller hamster breeds.

That’s because the salt on those pretzels, when eaten altogether, can lead to some pretty nasty side effects.

They’re not just limited to abdominal pain or vomiting, either — your hamster’s tongue may swell, he may feel endlessly thirsty, or there may be symptoms of dizziness, disorientation, and nausea.


We hope that the guidelines given in this article provide you with the necessary information about the various snacks that can be fed to a hamster. One such snack is pretzels, which you need to know before feeding the hamster so that you are not afraid to feed it and there are no side effects. Many ingredients are found in pretzels, which are not good for the health of the hamster, so check before feeding.

You should feed pretzels to your hamsters in moderation, but some pretzels are very high in sodium, and the consequences of their consumption by your hamster are both short-term and long-term.

If you want to feed him something other than pretzels, then you have also some alternate options for him so that you can feed him something healthy food or snack.

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