Can hamsters throw up?

If you have a hamster, then you must know that hamsters never vomit, if a hamster ever vomits, then there are many reasons for that which we will read in the article. When should you call the vet? And how to treat a hamster while throwing up? These are some questions for which you have come here to know the answer. You will get the answer to all these questions in the article so that you can take good care of your hamster.


The reason for the hamsters throwing up?


  • Diet change

If you make any changes to the hamster’s regular diet or add something new, it may be that he may have an allergy, due to which he may vomit. If you include anything new in the hamster’s diet, then first consult the veterinarian so that it does not vomit later.


  • Bacterial infection

The hamster may have got an infection, due to which it is vomiting. The hamster can get bacterial and fungal infections by playing outside and eating unnecessary food. If the infection starts spreading, then the owner may also be in danger, try that whenever you let the hamster play outside, then you should also keep an eye on it.


  • Food intolerances

This is a condition in which your hamster is unable to digest the food completely, due to which changes in the hamster’s behavior will be seen such as vomiting, abdominal pain. These changes happen a few hours after eating, digestion is very important for a healthy hamster.


  • Heatstroke

Heatstroke is a condition that occurs due to excessive heat in the hamster’s body, if the hamster is exposed to high temperatures, so the body temperature will increase further. Untreated heatstroke can quickly damage a hamster’s heart, kidneys, and muscles, causing the hamster to vomit.


Constipation will occur when your hamster has fewer bowel movements and it becomes difficult to pass stools. This can happen due to eating unnecessary food and lack of fiber, if this continues for a few days then it can lead to vomiting. That’s why you feed the hamster healthy food in which it gets all the nutrients.


  • Liver failure

In hamsters that have amyloidosis, their liver and kidneys become inflamed, due to which those parts stop working. Whenever you feel like this, give him more water, it is also due to dehydration. A hamster may also vomit due to liver failure.


  • Hairballs

Hairballs can also cause a hamster to cough and vomit as they go into the mouth with food, causing them to choke. That’s why you clean their fur twice a day.


If your hamster vomits frequently and these symptoms appear, then it may be a serious medical issue, so you should take him to the veterinary hospital immediately.

  • The hamster suddenly starts losing weight.
  • There is blood in the hamster vomit.
  • Pain in the hamster’s body.
  • Start making distance from people.
  • Change in litter box habit.
  • Vomiting occurs frequently.


When should you call the vet?


Many people don’t pay much attention to their hamsters, due to which they become sicker. If your hamster vomits and starts doing its normal activity after some time, then you should not be too worried as it is sometimes due to improper digestion of food. If the hamster is still following its regular diet even after vomiting and has a bowel movement, do not take him to the vet.

If the hamster starts vomiting more than once, then you should immediately take him to the veterinary hospital because there can be many reasons behind the vomiting. Vomiting can also be the cause of many serious diseases, so hamsters should be shown on time as hamsters usually do not vomit. If you ignore a hamster’s vomit, it can have fatal consequences.

Can hamsters throw up?


How to treat hamsters while throwing up?


  • It often happens with fur animals that their fur goes into the mouth, which causes the hamster to cough and vomit. That’s why you should clean the hamster and bathe it on time so that all the extra fur is cleaned.


  • If your hamster is chewing on unnecessary things that are not suitable for him to eat, then you should keep them away from them because the bacteria in them can make him sick and vomit. Feed him healthy food so that he does not try to eat anything from outside.


  • If your hamster is vomiting due to food, then you should feed healthy food and before feeding anything to the hamster, you should consult the vet so that it does not vomit again.


  • If your hamster vomits more than once a day, it could be a health issue, so you should take him to the vet immediately for a quick recovery. Never ignore a hamster’s vomit otherwise, its illness can become more serious.


Prevent your hamsters from throwing up.


  • Keep an eye on what your hamster eats and stay away from things that are not good for their health such as poisonous plants, toxic chemicals, and foreign bodies. The hamster is unable to digest these things, due to which he vomits.


  • Keep an eye on the behavior of the hamster and whenever you feel that his behavior has changed, then you take him to the veterinary hospital because sometimes hamsters try to hide their illness.


  • If your hamster eats too fast, try slowing them down. There are many ways to slow it down, such as making small pieces, spreading them on the floor, or feeding it with your hands.


  • Change the diet of the hamster so that he gets something new and healthy to eat, whenever you change the diet, always consult the vet so that he does not vomit again.


  • If your hamster is allergic to something, keep it away from it so that it does not try to eat it again. Due to allergies, hamsters can also have problems like vomiting, stomach pain.


  • Always get the hamster checked up so that it does not have any problem. Regular checkups will keep to knowing whether he is sick or not.


Final thought


Now you must have got your answer that Can hamster throw up? Hamsters are very small animals for which it is very difficult to vomit. Keep the hamster away from foreign objects so that it doesn’t chew them and keep an eye on your hamster so that whenever he vomits, you can take him to the veterinary hospital immediately. After vomiting, feed the hamster the food of his choice and drink more water so that he does not dehydrate. If you find anything new that can cause hamsters to vomit, then share it in the comments.

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