Can rabbits drink milk?


Milk is very important for all animals because it fulfills the deficiency of all the nutrients in the rabbit’s body but if that milk is from his mother then it is better. By the way, try not to feed your rabbit someone else milk other than its mother because their digestive system is very sensitive, they cannot digest the milk of any other animal. Rabbits cannot vomit, due to which their health may deteriorate, but if their mother is not with them, then you should go to the veterinary hospital and take the advice of the doctor on which milk should be best for them.


Can baby rabbits digest other animals’ milk?


The best milk for a rabbit is its mother’s milk. If you feed him another animal’s milk, then your rabbit may fall sick because the nutrients he can get from his mother’s milk will not be available to him from anyone else. But even if you still give him some other animal milk then there will be some reason like If the mother of the rabbit is not with him or he is an orphan, then you should give him goat’s milk because it is very easy to digest and the amount of lactose is also less in it. You should not give cow’s milk to your rabbit because the amount of lactose is very high in it and hard to digest, due to which your rabbit can fall sick.


How long do rabbits drink their mother’s milk?


When a rabbit is born, it needs its mother’s milk for about 10 days continuously because till then his eyes are not open and are very small. In 3-4 weeks he starts eating solid things, whatever his mother eats he also tries to eat it. But if your rabbit is orphaned, then you can feed him kitten milk replacer(KMR) or goat’s milk for 6-7 weeks Because as much nutrition as he gets from his mother’s milk, he does not get as much from goat’s milk and kitten milk replacer(KMR). Rabbits feed milk to their babies only 2 times a day, only for 5 minutes because the amount of calories in their milk is very high, which does not cause much hunger. Now You’ve Got the Answer to Can Rabbits Drink Milk?


Difference between cow milk and goat milk


Nutrients Cow milk ( 100 grams) Goat milk (100 grams)
Fat (g) 12 15
Protein (g) 8 10
Calories (100 ml) 150 180
Sugar(lactose) 15 12
Cholesterol (mg/100ml) 16 15
Carbohydrate (g) 16 17
Vitamin A ( IU/ Gram) 20 35
Riboflavin (UG/ 100 ml) 150 200


Goat’s milk is rich in protein which will help the rabbit to grow and stay healthy. Cow’s milk contains high levels of sugar (lactose) which is not good for the rabbit’s health and their digestive system is very sensitive. Goat’s milk is slightly sweet in taste and its consistency is thin and that of cow’s milk is thick. If you want to make dairy products, then raw cow’s milk is used because it produces more cream and quickly makes butter, sour cream, and cheese, etc.


The side effect of having more milk?


  • Due to drinking too much milk, your rabbit’s digestive system is not working properly, if he eats anything, he will not be able to digest it properly, which can cause problems for him. Cow’s milk is a bit difficult to digest because the amount of sugar (lactose) in it is high.


  • If your rabbit drinks more milk, he is more likely to be constipated and his poop should be hard. It may be that there is a lack of fiber in the rabbit’s food, due to which it becomes constipated and your rabbit will feel that its stomach is not empty properly.


  • Your rabbit may be allergic to milk, due to which it may start to feel discomfort and itching. This can be caused by consuming too much sugar (lactose) in milk. If the rabbit is not well even after giving up milk, then take him to the doctor so that the allergy does not become too big.


  • Cow’s milk is high in cholesterol, which is more likely to cause heart problems. You can replace it with goat’s milk because it has less cholesterol in it. Rabbits cannot vomit Because of which that unhealthy food will remain in their stomach and cause trouble like gas.



How to feed milk to the baby rabbit:-


There are several steps of feeding a baby rabbit, which we will discuss below.


  • First of all, you must be sure that that baby rabbit is an orphan, for this, you have to wait for the arrival of the rabbit in the same place for 1 day, if it still does not come, then you can adopt the baby rabbit.


  • Instead of rabbit’s milk, you will now have to use kitten milk replacer (KMR) and goat’s milk. You will get it easily in any pet store and you can ask the doctor in what quantity to feed it.


  • When you have replaced the milk, now how to feed it, for that you have to feed it with the help of a syringe because the baby rabbit is very small, he cannot do anything by himself.


  • Feed your baby rabbit twice a day because the mother of the rabbit also feeds her children twice a day. Feed the rabbit in small quantities or else it may fall ill.


  • Often the baby rabbit urinates after drinking milk, then you should clean it with the help of cotton and lukewarm water so that it does not get itchy.


Which is more beneficial for rabbit health milk or water?


If the rabbit is drinking its mother’s milk, then it is very healthy for her and the baby rabbit only drinks milk for 3-4 weeks, if the rabbit has grown up and is still feeding, then you can replace it with water because a lot of water is needed to stay hydrated. If you use kitten milk replacer (KMR) or goat’s milk by replacing rabbit’s milk, then after some weeks remove that too and give water to your rabbit because it is not necessary that all these things will be healthier for the rabbit. By drinking water, saliva is formed which helps in the digestion of food and keeps the eyes, nose, and mouth moist and due to the water, oxygen is transferred in the rabbit’s body which helps to flow the blood. Constipation occurs due to dehydration, you need water to cure them.




When You Have Read That Can Rabbit Drink Milk? So you must have come to know that an excessive amount of sugar (lactose) should not be given to your rabbit, it can be harmful to their body, and try not to feed them cow’s milk.

The thing in which he gets more amount of protein should be consumed so that his growth and health becomes good.

When you do the replacement, use a kitten milk replacer, it is easily available in pet stores and it also contains less amount of lactose which is easily digested by the rabbit.

Rabbit’s stomach is very sensitive, due to which they fall sick quickly, if you see any kind of allergy or change in its behavior, then take it to the veterinary hospital immediately.

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