Do hamster eat hay?


By the way, you must have seen that all animals eat hay, whether it is a carnivore or an herbivore. If we talk that rodent animals can eat hay, then this happens very rarely because according to their diet, the hay becomes very heavy, which becomes a little difficult for them to digest. If the hay is used in their daily diet, the hamster may have an upset stomach and will fall ill. If you want to know which hay should be fed to the hamster and what the disadvantages of eating more hay are, then you have to read the complete article given below to know. If you feed your hamster hay occasionally, he will have no problem and he will digest it easily. And there are many types of hay, which you can be consulting a doctor, which hay will be better and healthier for your hamster. Because if your hamster will eat any hay from anywhere, then small stones and insects can come in it. So try to keep it away from the outside hay.

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Do hamster eat hay

Do hamster eat hay


When should you be worried about your hamster eating hay?


— Nutritional deficiency in hamster’s diet.


It has been seen in animals that when there is a lack of nutrition in their body, they fulfill it themselves. You must have seen that sometimes your dogs and cats start eating hay because they have got the nutrition that they do not get from their regular diet, when animals are sick, they consider hay as their medicine. Because they know which Hay is healthy for them and which is not, so you shouldn’t be worried that your hamster is eating hay. He may also do the same to heal himself. If you don’t want your hamster to eat hay, so you should provide such healthy food which fulfills his need. If you still feel that your hamster is not well, then you can take him to the veterinary hospital and get it checked so that it gets well soon.


— The hamster may have a digestive problem.


Your hamster may have an upset stomach, if he starts eating hay every day, then he may fall ill. Food that is not included in your regular diet takes some time to eat and digest, due to which your hamster vomits. You can try to give hay to the hamster occasionally so that there is no effect on his health, otherwise, his stomach may be upset or constipation may occur because the amount of protein, calcium, etc. in the hay is very high, which your hamster will not be able to digest. There are also many types of hay, which we will read in the article that which hay you should feed to your hamster so that he does not fall sick.


— Maybe the hamster has a mental disorder.


Your hamster may have a mental problem that causes it to eat hay, such as stress, anxiety, and boredom. When your hamster is going through stress and anxiety, it tends to eat hay because it has often been seen that when an animal is under stress, it does something that is not good for its health. Similarly, when your hamster gets bored alone in the house and starts eating hay, you should try to keep him busy so that he doesn’t do the same thing again.


Is it suitable for hamster to eat hay or not?


No, it is not suitable for the hamster to eat hay because it contains a lot of protein, calcium, etc which can be harmful to the hamster. Hamsters mostly eat grains, vegetables, and fruits (apples, pears, and bananas), so they may have some problems digesting the hay because it is not included in their regular diet. So you try not to feed hay to your hamster, otherwise, he will have to go through a disease like constipation, diarrhea. If you want to give hay to your hamster, then give him alfalfa hay and timothy hay because these two types of hay have many nutrients which can fulfill the nutritional needs of the hamster’s body.


There are two types of hay that are often fed to hamsters.



1- Alfalfa hay

Alfalfa hay acts as an herb in which the amount of protein is very high. Alfalfa hay has a good taste, which may be liked by your hamster and it can be easily digested without any harm. But keep in mind that if you consume more alfalfa hay then it can be harmful to you. Due to which your hamster will feel bloated. If you include alfalfa hay in a hamster’s regular diet, it can fall sick and even die.


2- Timothy hay

Timothy hay is more famous because it is very easy to digest, it has a high amount of energy and fiber. Eating timothy hay will keep your hamster’s stomach full so that he will not feel hungry soon and your hamster will stop overeating This will strengthen your hamster’s muscles so that digestion can increase and help in passing food effectively.


4 ways to stop your hamster from eating hay


  • Hamsters often eat grass when they are sick or lacking in nutrition. You should provide healthy food to your hamster in which he gets all the nutrients and stays healthy.


  • You bring a companion for the hamster with whom he is busy. Buy one more hamster so that both of them play with each other and do not eat hay.


  • You can leave any scent in the grass that the hamster doesn’t like so that it doesn’t get near it. Whenever he tries to eat grass, he will not be able to eat because of the smell.


  • When your hamster doesn’t eat grass, give him a treat so that he doesn’t eat grass again. The treat will make him very happy and he will try again to get the treat.



Can we use hay for a hamster’s bedding?


Yes, we can use hay to make a hamster’s bed, but be careful not to spread it all over his cage. If you put all the hay in his cage, he can use it for defecation because he likes to defecate in a place that he can cover. You should try to keep hay only in the place where the hamster sleeps and try to use some very soft hay so that the hamster can sleep comfortably. It is better to buy hay from a shop as it will not contain any kind of garbage that could harm your hamster. If your hamster itches from sleeping in the hay, remove it from the hamster’s bed and take it to the vet.




When you have read that do hamster eat hay? Yes, hamsters can eat hay but before that, you should know all the things that a hamster owner should know and how carefully he has to feed hay because your hamster can also die by consuming too much hay. The hay is very beneficial for your hamster because it contains all the nutrition in it such as things like protein, vitamins, and energy, etc., which are very important for a healthy body. You try to keep your hamster busy so that he stays away from eating hay every day, allow him to eat hay only as an occasion or treat so that he does not get sick too much.