Do hamster like cuddle?


As we all know that all pets like to hug their owner because it strengthens the bond between them. There can be many reasons for hugging, which we will mention in the article below so that you can know the reason behind it. Many hamsters don’t like being hugged, which is why they don’t interact with people, so you can teach them how to enjoy cuddling. These are some of the questions for which you have come here to know the answers like why do hamsters like to cuddle. Benefits of Cuddling? How do you know if your hamster wants to be cuddled? Which Hamster Breeds Like To Cuddle?

If your hamster is under stress, you can make him feel better by hugging him and when you are not at home, he feels alone so he comes to you as soon as you come.


Do hamster like to cuddle


Why do hamsters like to cuddle?



You must have seen that when the hamster is sleeping, he looks for some warm place so that he can spend hours there. And there is no better place for a pet than its owner where he can rest comfortably. Whenever the hamster comes to you, don’t ignore him instead, encourage it so that it trusts you and your relationship remains good.


2-Safety and Protection

First, you have to spend more time with your hamster so that he can trust you. Whenever a predator comes near the hamster, it will come to you for protection. Many hamsters do not like to sleep alone, due to which they keep roaming around their owner so that you can make them sleep with you. The more time you spend with the hamster, the more comfortable it will feel, otherwise many hamsters don’t like to socialize with people.


3-Bond with you

When you bring the hamster home for the first time, he does not come to you for a few days but after some time he walks around you to know your reaction. If you react well, he will start playing sitting on your lap and next to you. The hamster wants to bond with you so that you can feed him healthy food and take him for a walk.



When you ignore your hamster, they do not like it, due to which they do strange things so that your attention goes to them like sitting on their lap, walking around. He wants you to play with him all day long and sleep with him at night. If your hamster is sick, you can put him to sleep on your lap to make him feel better.


Benefits of Cuddling?


1- Ease stress

If your hamster is stressed, you can hug him to make him feel better. Your body releases the oxytocin hormone by hugging which helps you to reduce stress and change your mood. Along with this, it controls your blood pressure and stress hormones.


2- Helps you sleep

Oxytocin hormone is very beneficial for the body as it helps you to get sleep. If the hamster is unable to sleep, you can hug him to make him sleep better. The hormone oxytocin helps to calm the hamster so that he can sleep comfortably.


3- Health benefit

Cuddling is not only good for the hamster but also for you. If either of the two has any health-related problem, then it can be reduced by hugging each other such as anxiety, depression, and breakdown. It may also put you at a lower risk of heart attack and heart pain.


4- Help your bond

Spending time with each other helps in building a good relationship between pet and owner. No pet animal is comfortable in the beginning but after spending some time together they like your company. You can make the relationship strong by feeding him on time and going for walking together.


5- Hamsters deserve love

Every pet wants that it should be loved by its owner and everyone in the house. Hamster is a very small and cute animal that needs attention throughout the day. If you have brought a pet, it is your responsibility to keep it well and safe.


How do you know if your hamsters want to be cuddled?


  • If your hamster brings you gifts, it means that he wants to spend more time with you. Whenever an animal brings you its favorite toy and brings it to your feet, you should accept it and play with it, it expresses its love.


  • It won’t be a surprise that a hamster likes to sleep in a warm and comfortable place, but if he sleeps next to you, it means that he likes to be with you. Sleeping together gives heat to the body and if you are under stress then it can also get rid of it.


  • Wherever you go, the hamster will follow you so that he can keep an eye on all your movements and as soon as you are free, he starts playing in your lap. Many times the hamster follows you because it needs something like food and water.


  • When the hamster is very happy, it will start rolling over and lying on its stomach so that you can cuddle him. If you ignore a hamster’s movements, they won’t come back to you, so you should encourage them.


  • Have you ever noticed why a hamster licks or grooms you, it means that he likes you and wants to spend more time with you. In the beginning, hamsters stay alone because they do not get comfortable with anyone quickly.


What if your hamsters hate cuddles?





It’s okay if your hamster doesn’t like being cuddled because there are many breeds who don’t like it. Your hamster may lack socialization, due to which it does not meet anyone, for this the hamster should socialize with everyone so that it can be comfortable with everyone. If your hamster does not like to be cuddled, it does not mean that he doesn’t like you too, but you don’t force him otherwise, he will get upset with you.

You can train him because many hamsters don’t know how to cuddle, due to which they are unaware of it. Whenever your hamster cuddles you, you can give him a treat so that he does it again. You should hug a little less in the summer because the hamster is a furry pet, so he may have some problem, which will cause him to ignore it.


Final thought


Do hamsters like to be hugged? So the answer is yes. You can hug your hamster just like everyone else, even if they are small, they will love it when you make them feel special. There are many benefits to cuddles, so spend as much time with your hamster as possible so that he can trust you. If you want to check whether your hamster likes to be hugged or not, then you can cuddle him for a few days and then leave, if he comes to you again and again after that, then it means he is enjoying the cuddle. As hamsters grow up, they do not like all this, they like to be alone more, so you should never force an adult hamster or else it can become irritable.

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