Being separated from children is painful for any mother, even if it is an animal. Just as humans miss their children after being separated from them, will a cat also miss their children in the same way? In this article, we will tell you the answer to this question “Do mother cat miss their kitten?”

Starting days of cat

When kittens are born, they are not able to see or hear in the initial weeks, due to which they are totally dependent on their mother.

Just like happens in humans that the child stays with its mother even after many years of birth, but this doesn’t happen with the kittens, they become self-sufficient very quickly and leave their mother’s side.


3rd – 4th week of cat


In the third and fourth week, the cat starts feeding its babies and also tells some other things like

Teaches the cat when and how to hunt.

The cat does not leave its baby alone at this time because the kitten is not yet completely independent

Kittens are very curious to know about their surroundings.

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12th week of cat

By the 12th week, kittens have been weaned from their mother, now they are ready to separate from their mother safely. Usually, the children of humans are not able to learn everything so quickly, they take a lot of time.

Cats get a little sad and confused when they are away from their children. Cat find their children around the house and make a meow sound, expecting a reaction from them.

This is only for a few days, after which the cat will return to its normal routine.

It all seems a bit strange to see that how can a mother leave her children so easily but we don’t need to be worried because this is very common in cats.

After separation

In humans, when the children are away from their mother for some time, their mother becomes very eager to meet them. But the cat, after being separated from her children, refuses to recognize them.

As long as the cat stays with its children, there is a different smell between them, If the kitten goes away from their mother, then that smell also goes away from them, due to which the cat refuses to recognize its children. . This relationship is rooted in a scent that keeps him attached to his children.

In the future, if the kittens meet their mother, she will treat them like an unknown cat.


When you’ve read my article, you may have wondered “Do mother cat miss their kitten?” I hope you got the answer.

Any unknown person who hears that a cat abandons its baby will feel that the cat is very rigid-hearted, but this is a common practice among the cat species.

If you want to help the cat, do not take the kittens away from their mother until 12 weeks of age because kittens learn to survive during these weeks.