If you are the owner of a cat, then you will know that cats love to play, that is why they start eating or digging the plants kept in the house. Keeping cats away from plants can be very difficult. Maybe your cat doesn’t do this, but my cat thinks that the plant is sown only for him to play. If you like to grow plants and at the same time you have to keep pets, especially cats, then this can be very difficult for you.

All you can do is make friends with the cat, let him do what he has to do. For example, eating, playing, and breaking a plant, pooping on it. The last option you may have is to keep one of the two. Otherwise, take the precautions to keep cats out of house plant.

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Why Is My Cat Eating My Plants?

  • Cat like the taste of plants :

First of all we start with an example like if we eat something and we like it then we will go again and again to eat it, similarly cat is also attracted towards something then it gets pulled towards it. When the cat tastes the plant for the first time, she likes it so much that why she wants to eat it again and again

Movement of leaf:

The movement of the plants attracts the cat, they enjoy playing with it because the grass is very dense and soft

When the cat is bored:

When you leave your cat alone at home, the cat gets bored and starts playing with the plants kept in the house.

Lack of nutrients:

When a cat suddenly starts eating grass, it may be that there is a lack of nutrients in its body, which it makes up for by eating grass. So you take him to the veterinary hospital and get him examined which nutrients are lacking in him.

How to keep cats out of house plant ?

Cover the soil with stone.

Cover the pot’s soil completely with the stone so that the cat cannot make its litter box.

Cats do this because the soil in the pot is very soft and there is no problem in digging it but when you use pebbles it will have trouble digging the soil.

If you want to make it a little decorative then you can color the stone or make any emoji in it which you like.

Make your plant unattractive.

Cats mostly go towards those things which are very attractive, so you should try to make your pot or plant unattractive so that it does not get its attention and your pot is saved.

Normally a child will not play with those things that he finds unattractive, similarly, a cat also stays away from the things that he seems unattractive

Clean the litter box.

clean the litter box

clean the litter box

If your cat keeps using plants pot as its litter box, then there could be the following reason behind this-

  • The cat’s litter box may not be clean and hygienic.
  • The size of the Litter Box might be the reason because most cats avoid small spaces for pooping.

Grow your own cat plant

You should grow your own plant for your cat so that she can only play with it and not harm the rest of the plants.

Grow the plant that cats like the most, such as wheat, oats and barley etc. And if you don’t do this at home, then you can buy cat grass from the market and grow it.

Plastic forks in the soil.

Plastic forks are very useful for making a barrier, you can cover it completely from the side of the pot so that the cat cannot go to its side.

This is a very cool idea maybe it can be useful for you, you can use it and give your review

Train your cat

Cats are very difficult to train, if instead we teach the dog to get up, sit and shake hands for a few days, then he will learn quickly, according to Cat.

But we should try so that we can keep the cat away from the plant, for that we have to make a whistle or a spray by pouring water, whenever the cat comes near the plant, suddenly blow it from behind or spray it so that If he gets scared, he will have to do this for a few days, then after some time the cat will stop coming near the plants itself.

Put a pot over the water.

Cats are afraid of water, so this is a good option that we can do to keep the plants safe from cats.

We will put our pots on top of the water so that if the cat comes near it, it will fall into the water. Then after that the cat won’t even try again.

But this option will be right when your plants are outside the house, if the plants stay indoors then the house can become dirty.

Hang your plant up.

You can hang your plants in a place where your cats cannot reach.

There should not be anything that will allow the cat to climb up and come near the plants.

So you take care that you will hang the plants very high so that no one can touch them except you.

Try a hideous spray.

We have to use citrus spray so that the cat does not come near the plant with its nasty smell.

You can use a vinegar spray, cats don’t like the smell of it, but it can spoil the leaves of the plants.

You can cut a lemon peel and keep it on the side of the pot so that after smelling its sour smell, the cat will already run away


After you have read the above prevention, you can now keep both the cat and the plant in your house. But you have to keep his litter box clean at all times so that the cat does not find a new place. Cat has to be given something new to play with so that he can leave the plants and play with them. Give your cat proper training to stay away from your Flowerpot. This guide covers how to keep cat out of house plant.