How to stop dog hair loss?


Everyone loves to have dogs, but some people refuse them because of their hair fall. If you are a dog owner then you will know how difficult it is to clean dog hairs, no matter how much you vacuum or clean your house, after some time you will start seeing the dog’s hair again. Hair fall is a natural process that occurs in both humans and animals. Sometimes the owner of the dog gets frustrated by seeing their falling hair, there can be many reasons for dog hair fall, mostly can be due to itching, allergies, and eating unhealthy food, to know more reasons you can read the causes which are given below. And in this article, I will also tell you how to stop dog hair loss.


Causes of hair loss in dogs: –


Before we proceed to stop dog hair fall, we must first understand the actual reasons behind this hair falling.


* Itching and allergies

Itching in dogs is caused by lice, mites, and fleas, due to which dogs keep scratching and licking their body throughout the day and this becomes the reason for hair fall.


* Unhealthy food

Food is very important in everyone’s life, no one can live without it, but it is also important that what should be eaten and what should not. If there is no protein and fat in the food of dogs or if they are fed more salt, sweet then their hair starts falling.


* Anxiety

Just like humans have hair loss due to anxiety, similarly, dogs also have this problem. When dogs are stressed, they release adrenaline from their body, which causes their hair to fall.


* Cancer

Cancer is a very big disease that is not easily visible but its symptoms are visible such as hair fall, injury not healing quickly, sudden weight fall, and many more.


* Hormone Imbalance

Hormone imbalance can also be the culprit for shedding in dogs. Apart from hair falling, it also causes skin problems, abnormal behavior, change in skin color and thickness. These all are the indicators that your dog is suffering from hormone imbalance.


* Breeds of dog

There are many dog breeds in which hair loss is quite common because these breeds have a large amount of hair growth hormone in their body. Therefore, new hair replaces old hair frequently.


* Surrounding atmosphere

Different climatic conditions can also be one reason for dogs losing their beautiful hair. Sometimes they are unable to tolerate the heat, which can also lead to their death. Also Changing places frequently can also cause them a lot of trouble, due to which most of the dogs get hair loss problems.


* The side effect of the medicine

Just as there are side effects of medicines in humans, similarly these side effects are found in dogs too. As a result of this, diseases like hair fall, vomiting, and diarrhea occur in them.


* Pregnancy

Due to the change in hormones at the time of pregnancy, the hair of the female dog starts falling, there is no need to be worried, it is very common.


How to stop dog hair loss?


It is nearly impossible to stop dogs from hair falling, Hair falling/shedding is a natural process that occurs in all animals. But yes, you can definitely reduce hair fall to a great extent.

1- Regular checkup / vaccination

how to stop dog hair fall?


Make sure to check that whether your dog is suffering from any allergies or skin diseases. Because most of the time the main reason for hair loss in dogs is some skin disease. Always take your dog to the veterinary hospital and get it checked up and make sure that there is no skin disease or itching problem.


2- Healthy diet



When your dog gets a healthy diet, which has all the nutrition like protein and fat, which makes the dog’s hair root strong, then his hair loss will automatically reduce.

3- Regular brushing


Just like we brush our hair, it is necessary to brush the dog in the same way so that its hair fall should be reduced. Make sure that the brush you are using should not be too hard as you know dogs have very soft skin and hard brushes are prone to skin rashes.


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4- Take a regular bath

Yes, regular bathing. Quite often, small bugs and dirt also cause allergies in dogs, which can also result in shedding in dogs. You must wash your dog daily with shampoo (dog shampoo) and make sure to clear his fir smoothly, after bathing.


5- Hygienic environment


Hygiene must be necessary for everyone either we talk about us or animals. Hygiene does not just mean the cleanliness of a dog’s fur, teeth, nails, skin, ears, eyes, and paws but it also includes cleanliness of the environment. Because changes have also been seen in most dogs due to the condition of the environment. You have to make sure that your dog gets a clean environment, as well as a comfortable place for living.


6- Hydrate your dog


Dehydration can also be a reason for hair fall in your dog. Water is the need of all living beings, from a large creature to a small blood cell. If there is no water supply in the body, then the skin will start becoming dry, due to which all the hair roots will become weak and the speed of hair fall will double. So always keep your dog hydrated so that their skin never gets dry. But after all, how much water should a dog drink in a day?

Yes, it is a bit difficult to tell the answer because there are a lot of breeds and varieties in dogs, in which many dogs are not able to drink even half a liter of water and some even drink up to 2 liters in a day. Therefore, you should give water to the dogs according to their weight and season. For example, a dog with 20 kg will drink more water than a dog with 10 kg, and dogs need more water in the summer season.


Avoid these dog’s breed



First of all, you will have to admit that shedding is a natural process, it is not necessary that you stop the dog’s hair fall completely with the above-given methods. Secondly, if you do not like the hair fall of dogs at all, then you should avoid such breeds of dogs, which have the most problem of hair fall.


  • Saint Bernard
  • The Great Pyrenees
  • Chow Chow
  • Siberian Husky
  • Golden Retriever
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Alaskan Malamute