Can dogs eat rabbit food?


As you all know that a dog is omnivorous, it eats both plants and animals such as eggs, meat, vegetables, and small insects. But do you know that ‘Is rabbit food bad for dogs?’ or what can happen to them after eating it? Knowing all this you have to read the entire article so that you can get the answer to every question which to arise in your mind. But before that, you need to know that rabbit is herbivores animal which only eat grass and pallets. The digestive system of both animals is different, due to which they may have problems digesting food.

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Is rabbit food healthy for dogs?


Rabbit food is not healthy for a dog’s digestive system as it lacks proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. If your dog’s diet lacks all these nutrients, then your dog can get sick and feel abnormal. The amount of fiber in the rabbit’s food is very high, which is not healthy for the dog’s digestive system. So try not to include rabbit food in your dog’s diet. Is rabbit food bad for dogs? No human or animal can survive by eating that food from which it does not get nutrients. If it is consumed for some time or occasionally then it does not have that much effect on the body.


Is rabbit food bad for dogs?



What happens if a dog eats rabbit food?


As you all know that rabbits are herbivores, so their diet will be completely opposite to a dog’s diet, and the amount of fiber in rabbit food is very high, which is not right for the dog’s body. If your dog has eaten rabbit food, then you do not need to worry too much because fiber is also included in some percent dog’s diet. But first, you should make sure that the amount of food the dog has eaten. If your dog has a high intake of rabbit food (fiber), then he may have health problems otherwise, the dog’s body will digest some fiber.


The disadvantage of eating rabbit food


If your dog has eaten a lot of rabbit food, it may have an upset stomach because they are not used to eating something that is not included in their daily diet. Due to which they had to go through problems like weakness and dizziness.


If rabbit food is included in your dog’s diet, then your dog may be deficient in nutrients because rabbit food lacks protein, fat, and carbohydrates, which helps in making the dog healthy. If nutrients are not included in your dog’s diet then it can make him sick and weak.


Consuming a lot of fiber can stop your dog’s stool because it is good for the body, but excessive consumption can also cause harm, which can cause a lot of problems for your dog. Because stool is the hallmark of a healthy body.


There could be a heart problem that could cause your dog to have trouble breathing or to breathe very fast. Your dog may have trouble lying down, which can strain his heart and make breathing difficult.


The benefits of eating rabbit food


If your dog has diabetes, it affects the amount of glucose and sugar in your dog’s blood, eating rabbit food can increase the amount of diabetes, causing your dog’s body to make less insulin or an abnormal reaction in insulin. By eating rabbit food, the amount of diabetes increases because it has a high amount of fiber which affects the blood of your dog.


It reduces overeating, if your dog is fat or eats throughout the day, then eating rabbit food will make him less hungry because the amount of fiber in it is very high due to which your dog’s stomach will be full and he will not feel hungry throughout the day. With the help of which he will stop overeating and your dog’s weight will be under control.


If your dog’s health is bad or if the stool has stopped, then eating rabbit food will give him relief and stool will also be cured because it will fulfill the lack of water and help the dog to stay hydrated. If your dog’s stool continues to stop, he may become very irritable and stop eating food, which can cause health problems.


Difference between dogs food and rabbit food


         Nutrition                 Rabbit Food (100g)                  Dog Food (100g)
  1. Protein
                      10 – 15g                          20-30g
  1. Fat
                      2 – 5.5g                            20g
  1. Energy
                           –                          380kcal
  1. Calcium
                     800mg                               2g
  1. Vitamin A
               1000-1500 IU                           2000 IU
  1. Vitamin E
                  5-20 mg                             20 IU
  1. Phosphorous
                      0 .2g                               0.5g
  1. Fiber
                   20-30g                                 5g
  1. Vitamin D
                50-100IU                              150IU
  1. Zinc
                   10mg                               15mg
  • Protein-Protein is very essential for a healthy dog diet. Which you can see from the above-given table that more protein is found in a dog’s diet as compared to rabbits.


  • Fat- The amount of fat in the rabbit’s diet is found to be low because by consuming more of it, the rabbit can become obese. The amount of fat is found in the dog’s diet more than that of the rabbit.


  • Energy- With energy, we understand that it helps in converting our food into energy, which is necessary for a healthy body and it is found more in dog food, according to rabbits.


  • Calcium- The amount of calcium in the rabbit’s diet is low because consuming too much of it can cause pain and stones in the rabbit’s kidney, which can worsen its health. Similarly, the amount of calcium in the dog’s diet is slightly higher.


  • Vitamin A – Vitamin A is found more in the diet of dogs, it improves eyesight and a healthy immune system. Vitamin A is found in both animals, only in some quantity up and down in their diet.


  • Vitamin E- Vitamin E helps all the organs of the body to function properly.


  • Phosphorous- According to the rabbit, some amount of phosphorus is found more in the dog’s diet.


  • Fiber- The amount of fiber is found more in the rabbit’s diet according to the dog’s diet because rabbits are herbivores, they need it very much for their healthy digestive system.


  • Vitamin D- Vitamin D is found more in the dog’s diet because if there is more vitamin D in the rabbit’s diet then it can be harmful to his health.


  • Zinc- Zinc is very important for a healthy diet. It makes proper functioning to all the organs.



As you must have understood by reading the above article (Is Rabbit Food bad for Dogs) that a dog can eat rabbit food, but the nutrients which he gets from the rabbit’s food are not enough for a healthy diet. To keep the rabbit healthy these nutrients like- protein, fat, and carbohydrate are very necessary for him. So you should try to give good and healthy food to the dog’s diet and do not include rabbit food in his diet. Rabbit food has a high amount of fiber which is not healthy for the dog’s body, it can make him sick or his stomach can be upset.