My hamster bit me and drew blood:-


If you keep animals, then it will be very common for you that your animal has bitten you. Hamsters are very small and aggressive animals, they get angry very quickly, due to which they can bite you, there can be many reasons behind this, to know that you have to read the whole article. It has often been seen that people are afraid of keeping pets because they may bite them or harm them. You have to build good relationships with your hamster so that it doesn’t bite you and try to vaccinate your hamster every month.” My hamster bit me and drew blood” Now you must have come to know that your little cute hamster is very aggressive. Sometimes hamsters do this to get their owner’s attention, they do not know how much it will hurt you. If you want to know how to treat after a hamster bite, then you can read the article below.


Why your hamster is biting you:-


1- If your hamster is sleeping, don’t disturb it.


When your hamster is sleeping, do not disturb him and do not wake him from sleep, otherwise, he may bite you. When we suddenly wake up an animal in sleep, they get angry, due to which they bite the person standing in front. So you should try that whenever your hamster is sleeping, do not disturb him, rather let him complete his sleep so that the hamster behaves well with you.


2- The hamster may be protecting itself.


Maybe the rabbit is trying to protect itself, due to which it may try to bite you. Do not do anything that will make the hamster feel that you are trying to hurt him. Hamsters are very aggressive, due to which they prefer to attack directly to their predator.


3- The hamster may be under stress.


Your hamster may be under stress, due to which there is a change in its behavior Because of which he starts staying far away and does not even eat food. When your hamster is under stress, leave it alone for a while otherwise it may hurt you.


4- Your hamster may be sick or injured.


When the animal is injured, he does not allow anyone to come near him, he feels that he has also come to harm him, due to which he starts biting everyone, even if he is its owner. You try to leave him alone at that time so that he can heal himself.


5- The hamster can be scared.


Your hamster may be scared and may attack you if you suddenly disturb them. You should try to spend more time with your hamster so that he does not feel alone and he is not afraid of you. This will create a good relationship between the two of you.


If your hamster bites a person:-


my hamster bit me and drew blood


If your hamster has bitten a person, then you should react immediately and see how much it hurt. First of all, put your hamster in the cage so that you can easily do all the work then clean the area where your hamster has bitten with clean water and apply antibiotic cream then cover it with the help of a bandage. If there is still blood coming out, then you should immediately take him to the doctor so that no infection spreads and the injury heals quickly. And being a pet owner, you should keep vaccinating your hamster so that there is no infection from its bite.


7 Steps to treat hamster bites:-


1 – In the place where you have been bitten by the hamster, you should wash the wound with clean and cold water so that there is no infection or itching in it.


2- After cleaning the injury, now you have to think about how to stop the blood so that you do not bleed too much otherwise your injury will take time to heal.


3- After the bleeding has reduced, you have to apply antibiotic cream on it so that it will heal quickly and there is no infection in it.


4- After using antibiotic cream, you should wrap that injury with a bandage so that it heals quickly and try that after covering that bandage, water does not fall in it, otherwise it will take more time to heal.


5- Keep changing that bandage so that the injury remains clean and cover it again using an antibiotic cream, this will not cause itching in your injury.


6- Keep looking at the injury every time that there is no infection in it because it is not necessary that there is an infection as soon as the cream is applied, its effect can happen even after some time.


7- If you see an infection, then you should immediately take it to the doctor so that the injury heals quickly. Otherwise, it may get worse, causing you trouble.


How to stop hamsters from biting:-


– Pay attention to the hamster.

Pay attention to your hamster so that the relationship between the two of you remains good and he does not try to bite you again. Take time for your hamster so that both of you can play together and spend more time, maybe after that your hamster will like you.


– Train your hamster.

Train your hamster properly so that he will not try to bite you again, initially, he will not listen to you but after some time when your hamster is trained, he will not try to bite you again. It can take a long time period for a hamster to get trained, but you kept training the hamster.


– Give your hamster a treat.

You can stop the hamster from biting by giving a treat. Give him something at the feast that the hamster likes to eat the most, when the hamster tries to bite you again, then do not give him a treat on that day so that he realizes that he has done it wrong. This method will not harm your hamster.

– Socialize your hamster.

Allow your hamster to interact with children and other people so that the hamster enjoys being with everyone, maybe after that, he doesn’t bite anyone because the hamster does not know how to react in front of everyone.


– Always keep your pet in the cage.

If your hamster is very aggressive, keep him in the cage so that it does not bite anyone. If you leave him open then he can bite anyone so you should try to keep him calm and spend more time with your pet. When a guest comes to your house, you just have to keep him in the cage otherwise leave him open.


Final thought

Now you must have come to know how aggressive your cute hamster is, so you treat him well so that he does not try to bite you again and try to give him the right training so that he does not bite anyone other than you. By the way, hamsters are very friendly and they like to meet all the people and play with them. But you have to keep this thing in mind that when he is asleep or sick, do not disturb him. Otherwise, you can play with your hamster all day long and feed him healthy food so that his health does not deteriorate.


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