What color is Hamsters Pee?


A healthy hamster’s urine is milky white and cloudy yellow. Often no one cares to keep checking the hamster’s urine every day, when a hamster’s behavior changes, you should check its urine. There are many breeds whose urine color is not like that of a normal hamster, so you don’t need to worry too much about it. Change in the color of urine indicates that your hamster is sick, different colors have different meanings, to know them you have to read the color chart given below. Why does a hamster’s urine smell bad? How to know if the hamster is sick? You will get the answer to all this in the article.


                    Hamsters Urine Color Chart




If the hamster's urine is Transparent and odorless, then it means that your hamster is hydrated and its health is also good. Now do not make the hamster drink more water, otherwise, it will be in danger of over-hydrating and will keep urinating all the time.

Milky white/ cloudy yellow

If the color of your hamster's urine is milky white, then your hamster is healthy so you don't need to be worried. Urine is a good health indicator that can tell whether a hamster is sick or if there is any problem in its body.

Dark Yellow

The color of your hamster's urine is dark yellow, it means that it is dehydrated. This gives you a warning signal that you should give more and more water to the hamster so that there is no shortage of water in it.

Red or Pink

If the hamster's pee is red or pink in color, then the hamster may have a kidney infection or there may be a possibility of UTI. Sometimes food like beetroot, carrot, and cranberry can also cause red urine in the hamster, so don't worry too much. If the bleeding doesn't stop in the hamster's urine, take him to the veterinary doctor immediately.


If the hamster's urine turns brown, it may be that he may have a liver problem or jaundice. Take a sample of the hamster's urine and show it to the doctor whether he has any major problem.


It may be a very serious matter, so you should take him to the doctor. Green vegetables can also be the reason for green urine, if green urine is coming even without eating green vegetables, then you should take him to the doctor.


How do I make your hamster drink more water?


Try to give more water to your hamster so that he doesn’t get dehydrated. Changes in the urine color are seen due to a lack of water. If your hamster doesn’t drink water, then use different methods to give him water, as some of the methods are listed below.


  • Offer water frequently to your hamster so that if he feels thirsty at any time, he can drink it and keep the water in a place from where he can drink easily.


  • Allow your hamster to play as much as possible so that it gets tired and thirsty. The longer the hamster plays or runs, the thirstier it will become.


  • The hamster water bowl should be clean, and always give him fresh water. Place the water bowl in a place where he spends most of the time such as his playground, sleeping area, etc.


  • Give your hamster a treat after drinking water and praise it so that it tries to do that thing again. When we are praised after doing some work, then we do it again, in the same way, the hamster will also do.


  • You can mix his favorite flavor in the hamster’s bowl or feed his food by mixing it in water so that he can drink water along with food. Feed the hamster something salty so that it becomes thirstier.


How to know whether your hamster is sick or not with the help of his urine.


Whenever your hamster urinates, you should check if the color of his urine has changed. A chart is given in the above article, with the help of which you can find out why the color of his urine is coming like this. If the hamster’s urine is a normal color, then it is fine, but if there is a color change, then you can change its regular diet or choose some healthy fruits and vegetables. Sometimes hamsters do not urinate in front of everyone, due to which it is not known how well the hamster is. When the blood comes from the hamster’s urine, then understand that the hamster is very sick. Animals often try to hide all this from their owner, but you should pay attention when your hamster’s behavior changes or he will reduce food intake to let you know that he is sick.


The reason for blood in the hamster’s urine is:-


  1. Internally bleeding
  2. Kidney disorders
  3. Blood clotting
  4. Diabetes
  5. Cancer

If the blood in the hamster’s urine does not stop, then you should take him to the veterinary hospital so that he can be treated as soon as possible. Sometimes this can happen due to unhealthy food, so always feed him healthy food.


Why does your Hamster pee smell like fish?


what color is hamsters pee


A healthy hamster’s urine doesn’t smell so bad that it bothers you. A mild smell comes from everyone, which does not cause any problem to anyone. If the hamster’s urine smells of fish, then there may be some reason behind it. As soon as you smell the foul odor from your hamster’s urine, take him to the veterinary hospital immediately. The cause of fishy smell from urine can be urinary tract infection (UTI), bladder cancer, etc.


What is Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)?


UTI is an infection that can occur in any part of your urinary system. This infection is found more in females as compared to males, UTI is treated with antibiotics. If you come to know in time that your hamster has a UTI, then it can be treated with antibiotics, otherwise, it can become a very serious disease. Infections confined to the hamster’s bladder can be painful and annoying.


Symptoms of UTI?


These symptoms are not so easily visible, for this you will have to spend more time with the hamster so that you can see changes in its behavior.


1. There is burning and pain while urinating.

2. Urine smells very foul.

3. A small amount of urine is passed out frequently.

4. Discomfort while urinating.

5. Blood in the urine.



  • Give your hamster plenty of water to dilute its urine.
  • Stop using any product that the hamster is allergic to.
  • Give cranberry juice to the hamster, this will give him some relief.
  • Wipe the hamster thoroughly so that no bacteria are attached to it.
  • Never hold urine for a long time and don’t rush to finish it.



What color is hamsters pee? Now you must have got the answer. Hamster urine is slightly thicker than human urine, hamsters do not defecate in front of everyone. When you see any stains or blood on the hamster’s urine, you should immediately take him to the veterinary hospital where he will be examined by taking a sample of his urine. The hamster’s cage should be kept clean at all times so that there is no dirt or odor in it, otherwise, the hamster may fall sick.

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