You know how worried we are about our pets. We take care of him as our family members. This morning, when I saw blood coming from my dog’s mouth, I was very scared, then after cleaning his blood and examining him thoroughly, it was found that he had chewed a sharp stone, due to which he got a cut on his mouth.

Causes of bleeding from the mouth.

1- Heart disease

There are many causes of heart disease, but mostly dogs above 5 years of age become victims of it. It is also due to being of a different breed, due to excess obesity, low blood pressure, lack of nutrition.


2- Gums problem

Gum disease is usually not detected in the early stages. When this problem increases a lot and starts hurting, then we will see all these symptoms, falling teeth, bleeding from the mouth, not being able to eat properly, and stop barking.


3– Thrombus (Blood clotting)

Blood clots form when platelets and plasma proteins clump together and collide. When a dog vein is clogged, the blood flow slows down. Due to this, there is a problem in breathing and pain in the limbs


4- Fight from another dog

Dogs cause harm to each other due to fighting among themselves, due to which blood can come out of their mouth or their jaws can burst


5- Sharp object

The cause of bleeding from the mouth may be that the dog has eaten ( can food ), sharp stones, and glasses. If your dog is found near the garbage, he may have chewed something sharp from there


6- Internal wounds

Your dog may be suffering from internal wounds. Due to which blood has coagulated inside his body, all of them come out of his mouth simultaneously.


7- Cancer

Cancer is a very big disease that is found in humans as well as animals and it increases with age. To find out, we need to see if there are any lumps and bumps in our dog’s body. After some time blood starts coming out of his mouth.


8- Oral hygiene

Due to the lack of oral hygiene in the dog, germs start growing in the mouth, their gums become swollen and toothache starts. It may result in blood coming from its mouth.


What to do for controlling the blood from dog mouth.


dog's mouth

dog’s mouth

First of all, we should clean our dog’s mouth. Then he should be calmed and his gums should be examined to see why there is blood. If the dog has a problem with his jaw or gum and the bleeding is not stopped yet, then we should take him to the veterinary hospital as soon as possible.



After cleaning the blood of the dog’s mouth, it has to be seen that there is no deep cut, if there is, then it has to be examined thoroughly and if any sharp object is still left then it will have to be taken to the veterinary hospital as soon as possible.



If we do not see any injury in the dog’s mouth, he may have an internal injury. So take him to the veterinary hospital and get him x-rayed to detect his internal injury. If your dog has had an operation before, then inform the veterinary hospital in advance, so that the doctor can find his illness early.



We have to take proper care of our dog and take him to the veterinarian every week and check his gums properly, keep his teeth clean at all times. Water, Protein, Fats, Carbohydrates, Minerals, and Vitamins are essential in a dog’s daily diet.


For the speedy recovery of the dog, we have to feed him all this food.

    • Apples
    • White rice
    • Dairy Product
    • WaterMelon
    • Carrot
    • More Water