By the way, everyone likes to receive gifts, everyone wants to get surprises, but if this gift comes from your beloved cat, then the situation can be different. The cat can have only one gift, a dead mouse. Which the owner of the cat would often get to see around his house. If you want to know why ‘cat eats mice’, then read the article given below.

Why does a cat eats mice?


cat eats mice

1 – Hunting is a common practice in the cat species. Even after domesticating a cat, they have an instinct to hunt.

2 – Cat’s hunger can also be the reason for hunting a mouse.

3 – As you know, the ancestors of cats used to hunt in the forests. Similarly, today’s cats also have the same hunting nature in their DNA.

4 – It may be that your cat is not like the taste of food at home, due to which she is hunting rats


Disadvantages of eating mice:


  • The rat might be already poisoned so by eating that rat. The cat can suffer from some serious illnesses such as vomiting, mental disorder, and many more


  • You can get roundworms by coming in contact with roundworm eggs. These parasites live in the digestive system of your body and cause problems, when the cat eats the mouse, the cat comes in contact with the roundworm.


  • Toxoplasmosis is an infection caused by a single-celled parasite called Toxoplasma gondii. The Toxoplasma parasite can persist in the body of cats for a long time, most often from mice that have been infected with the parasite and become a cat’s prey. Due to which toxoplasma gondii enters the cat’s body. It does not show any symptoms, it can also remain in the body of cats for life. Toxoplasma gondii can harm pregnant women and people whose digestion is weak.


  • A plague is an infectious disease caused by Yersinia pestis bacteria. It mostly found in small rodents like rats, squirrels, and hamsters. Cats also get infected with plague by eating can also be transmitted from animals to humans.


  • There are some species in rats that have been infected with Hantaviruses such as cotton rats and rice rats. Its symptoms are fever, dizziness, and feeling tired. It is spread through the urine, sputum, and scat of infected rats. Cats also get infected by eating a mouse.


Do all cats kill rats?

No, not all cats eat mice. Pet cats who have grown up in the house since childhood, do all this very rarely, but hunting is in the genes of cats.

If the cat’s stomach is already full, she does not eat the mouse, she just catches it to play and after some time releases it.

Sometimes cats catch a mouse to teach their younger cats how to hunt and leave the mice uneaten.

If your cat is very tired, the cat may prefer to rest for a while rather than hunt


5 ways to stop your cat from hunting:


  • Let the cat play with toys so that it doesn’t go out for killing the rat. Often cats consider the mouse as their toy, catching them for playing. The cat doesn’t leave the mouse until it dies or stops running here and there.

  • Keep the cat indoors as much as possible so that it does not get a chance to hunt. Most cats kill 7-8 rats in a day, if you keep the cat in the house it can be less.

  • A good opinion is to tie a bell around the cat’s neck so that wherever it goes hunting, the hunter will know in advance and run away. All hunters will already be aware of the cat’s bell so that the cat will never have a chance to hunt and will never try again.

  • Keep cleanliness around your house so that rats don’t come there and if there are rats around, then kill them with rat poison or cage, so that your cat cannot eat them.

  • Spend time with your cat, play with him so that his hunting skills get released while playing with you and the cat doesn’t need to go outside.


Hunting skills on cats are inherited from their ancestors, their ancestors knew how to live in the forests. Due to this hunting ability on cats comes from childhood. If you want to stop the cat from hunting, then use the methods mentioned above. Feed your cat good food and get it checked up regularly in the veterinary hospital to see if it has any problem. If your cat eats something, then make sure that it is not getting any side effects due to which it may fall ill.

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