Normally, a person in his normal days looks for a place to roam somewhere where he can rest, such as near the sea. That person sits in the sun by applying suns cream and relaxes, in the same way, dogs also like to rest in the sun, and it is a different matter that we cannot use suns cream to him because it can cause side effects in the dog. If you want to know why do dogs lay in the sun then you should read the article given below.





Do dogs like sunlight?


Let me ask you this question, do you like to relax in the sun or not? As far as I expect the answer will be yes. Because there is hardly anyone who does not like to lie down comfortably in the sun. The same happens in dogs, almost all dogs like to lay in the sun. Dogs need a lot of sunlight, it fulfills many of their requirements such as vitamin deficiency, blood flow, and formation of strong bones.


Benefits of sunlight in dogs:


  • The rays of the sun are very beneficial for getting energy in dogs, they get energy by lying in the sun, with the help of which they keep barking throughout the day. No human or animal can work without energy, everyone needs energy in their daily routine.


  • The sun’s rays fulfill the deficiency of vitamin D, with the help of which calcium is formed in the dog’s body. Vitamin D is present in the fatty tissues of the body, with the help of which the bones and teeth of dogs are strong. Due to strong teeth, dogs are able to chew bones. Vitamin D has a widespread effect on hard and soft tissues in the dog’s body


  • The rays of the sun lower the blood pressure of dogs, which makes them feel very fresh, if they have been hurt or swollen due to some reason, then lying in the sun gives them a lot of rest, which causes the proper blood flow in the dog’s body.


  • The sun’s rays act as a natural pain reliever, with the help of which dogs feel very comfortable. When dogs are much stressed, they prefer to lie alone in the sun, so that they can get relief. It is mostly seen in older dogs.


  • Have you ever noticed that when you go in the sun, you get a lot of sleep, similarly the same thing happens with dogs too? Yes, it is caused by a hormone called melatonin, which reacts with the retina and pineal glands of the eyes to help them fall asleep so that they can get some rest.


dogs lay in the sun


Disadvantages of excessive sunbathe:



By sitting in the sun if there is a lack of water in your dog’s body, then he has become dehydrated, it is your responsibility to give him water all the time. If you have come to travel or roam somewhere, then bring something for the dog so that he can drink water all the time.


2-Heat exhaustion

Lying in the sun too much can cause heat exhaustion, due to which you may feel excessive sweating, fast breathing, and clammy skin. If your dog’s fur is short, then don’t let him lay down in the sun too much and according to the other dogs, he may have problems due to heat in the eyes, nose, and face quickly



Don’t allow your dog to lie down in the sun for more than 1 hour if he has short fur or is a puppy. If your dog has any skin allergies, allow him to lie down in the sun only after consulting a doctor. Sunburn is mostly seen in sensitive areas like the nose, belly, or eyes, its symptoms are itching, redness, and scarring.



Ultraviolet rays come out from the sun which is the biggest cause of skin cancer. It is harmful to both humans and animals. It damages mostly gray-haired dogs, bald dogs, and young puppies. Ultraviolet and ultraviolet B rays affect the area around the eyes of dogs, due to which the chances of getting weak eyes, cataracts, and cancer of the eyelids increase.


5-Excess of vitamin D

If vitamin D intake is too high, it can lead to increased calcium levels in the blood and potentially dangerous consequences. It is possible to sunbathe only up to a level, not more than that.



Now you must have got the answer to the question that why do dogs lay in the sun. Now you can take the dog along with you for sunbathing and only after keeping the above-mentioned disadvantages in mind. Try not to keep your dog in the sun for a long time because there are many breeds that do not like to be in the sun, especially those who have a lot of furs, they can sweat and itch by being in the sun, due to which they can get sick.

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