Why is my hamster lying flat?


Whenever you come home from running or market, you lie down because the temperature of your body becomes very high or you must be tired, then you take some rest to stay normal, In the same way, when your hamster does some exercise or roams somewhere, he comes back and lies on the floor so that his body temperature remains normal because of which hamster lying flat.

By the way, there can be many other reasons for lying down, which we will read below article, but it has been seen more often than when hamsters get tired or when their body temperature gets very high, then they try to reduce them by lays down so that they don’t fall sick.

You will mostly see this in summers because that time the temperature is very high, due to which they fall sick and become dehydrated, then you should try to keep them hydrated and drink as much water as you can because water helps to keep the hamster healthy. If your hamster lays down there is no need to worry too much. There must be some reason behind this, due to which he is doing this.



why is my hamster lying flat


The reason for the hamster lying flat?


Your hamster may be stressed:-


Your hamster may be going through stress due to which he is lying flat. To relieve his stress, he can do some such activities, due to which you feel a little weird. Why is my hamster lying flat? Stress can also be a reason behind this.


Your hamster may be scared:-


When your hamster is afraid of any predators, it lies flat in one place. Similarly when you are afraid of something, then you will stop at the same place and don’t move for a while. In the same way, the hamster does the same.


The hamster is trying to calm himself:-


The hamster may be lying flat to calm himself. There will be many reasons behind this but the common reason is, it may be sick or upset from something. So you should try to take him to a veterinary hospital and get him checked. If this behavior is ignored, then he may become sick.


Due to surrounding environment:-


It may be that the surrounding environment is very hot, due to which the hamster lying flat because the hamster doesn’t like much heat, which is why he does this. Because of this, he may become dehydrated and he may fall sick. You should try to keep the environment around him cool.


Maybe the hamster is sick:-


Maybe your hamster is sick because of which he was lying flat. It has often been observed that animals try to hide their illness so that no one can know that they are sick, especially the predators, otherwise they can attack them. Because predators keep looking for this opportunity.


Maybe the hamster’s body is hurting:-


If your hamster continues to run on the wheel, his body may start to ache. Due to which the hamster may have problems walking and rolling. The hamster lies down on the ground and rests for a while because it gets relief.




How to keep your hamster hydrate:-


  • Keep your hamster’s cage away from the rays of the sun so that it doesn’t heat up, try to keep it in some shade to cool the cage, and the hamster won’t be dehydrated either. If the hamster lives in the sun, he may fall sick and have skin rashes due to which he may have itching or redness, for which you will have to use an ice cube or medicine to recover quickly. His skin may get burnt due to being in too much sun.


  • You should place your hamster’s cage in such a place where there is a fan and ventilation available, with the help of which his body temperature remains normal so that he will be able to stay comfortable and will not disturb you and the surrounding environment is cool so he can sleep comfortably which is very beneficial for a healthy hamster. Always try to keep your hamster in a place where the environment is cool.


  • You should keep a bowl of water near your hamster so that it can easily drink whenever it is thirsty and all this will help it to stay hydrated. Try to keep the water in a bowl so he can easily drink it from there and moisture remains in the eyes, nose, and mouth by drinking water. Water helps in digesting your food so that you do not have any kind of digestion problem. Keep changing the water of the hamster’s bowl frequently so that any kind of insects or any disease does not arise in it.


  • You can use hydrating food to keep your hamster hydrated so that his stomach will also be full and there should be no shortage of water. For example, watermelon contains 92% water which helps the hamster and your body to stay hydrated. Similarly, there are many such fruits that will protect your body from dehydration like cucumber, lettuce and bell pepper, and many other things which are made up of more than 90% water and all of them are helpful in getting you hydrated.


  • To keep the temperature of your hamster’s body cool, place a stone in its cage or any such place where the hamster sits most so that it can lie down on it and take a rest, which helps in reducing its body temperature. Stone is a natural substance that will not harm your hamster.




Often hamsters keep running on the wheel, due to which they get tired and lie flat, mostly this is the reason for their lying flat. Your hamster may be dehydrated because it spins on the wheel throughout the day, so you should try to provide him with water and the right environment so that his health does not deteriorate. When you find out why is my hamster lying flat? So you should take care of your hamster only after reading all those reasons, if your hamster starts having more problems then you take him to the veterinary hospital so that he can be treated quickly.

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