Is there some danger in rolling on his back

There is no need to worry too much about the hamster rolling on its back because there can be many reasons for this. So you should first try to know the reason for it, and try that the cage in which the hamster lives is clean so that there should not be any kind of germs in his body, due to all these reasons the hamster starts feeling itchy.

If you want to get the answer to why is my hamster rolling on his back? Then you should have to read the whole article.


Reason for hamster rolling on his back





1- Pruritus:-


Pruritus is a disease in which the body is very itchy. Pruritus is a scientific name for scabies. This itching occurs mostly in those hamsters who are pregnant or who have diabetes.

Whenever your hamster is itchy, its skin starts turning red or becomes dry, then you should try not to let your hamster’s skin dry.

You should try not to let his skin become dry, for which you will have to bring some cream for him from a veterinary hospital or bathe him with lukewarm water which keeps his skin soft.

If the rash arises at that place due to itching, then you can use ice on that place to reduce it. Close the ice in a cloth and apply it to that rash so that it does not cause much pain.

Due to itching, the hamster rolling on his back, which reduces its itching and gets relief to them.


2- Allergies:-


Allergies can be caused by anything at any time, as they can also happen due to the changing environment. There are different breeds of hamsters, which take some time to adjust to the changing environment, due to which they become allergic and they keep itching throughout the day.

There can be many other reasons for allergies, such as your hamster’s immune system is not working or the food is not digested properly. You have to feed your hamster healthy food so that its digestive system can digest the food properly and boost the immune system. So that your hamster does not have any allergies.

Eating the wrong food can also cause problems in the health of your hamster, which can make him sick.

If even then your hamster’s itching is not reducing, then you should take him to the veterinary hospital and find the right cause of allergies and get him treated so that your hamster will get well soon.

Why is my hamster rolling on his back? Now you must have found the reason for this, so now you try how to reduce it.


3- Get attention:-


It may be that you are not paying much attention to your hamster, due to which he may be rolling. Because all animals want their owner to pay attention to them.

You will have to set aside time for your hamster so that you can play and move around with it. Otherwise, the hamster will do some similar actions that distract your attention, but you have to take care that it does not hurt while rolling on its back.

When you start taking time out for the hamster, it will stop doing such activities which make trouble for you and Your hamster will also do some other physical activities during that time which will help him to become healthy.


4- Spread their scent:-


Hamsters release their scent while rolling so that they can tell their predator that this is their territory. Whenever you see your hamster doing this, don’t let it stop.

Whenever you see your hamster rolling like this, then understand that he must be making his territory so that no one can come in its area and they detect other hamsters by smelling the scent.

Just like in humans, whenever you go somewhere, you also use a scent so that other people know that you had passed through here. Similarly, the hamster also makes its territory with its body odor.


5-  When they get stressed:-


It is possible that whenever your hamster is under stress, he rolls on his back. He may be doing something like this to escape his stress or to hide his stress from everyone. So you can try to stop him from doing that and know the reason why he is getting stressed. Knowing the cause of stress, fix it so that your hamster does not have to go through stress again. His health may deteriorate due to stress or he may stop eating food due to which the hamster may fall ill.


6- They love to play:-


Your hamster may like to roll on his back. He must have found it like a game which he likes to do again and again. When you leave your hamster alone at home, it will spend its time rolling on the ground. If you don’t want your hamster to do this, then you can keep some toys for him to play with so that he is busy with him and not roll on the ground.

Whenever you go out of the house, definitely leave some toys for your hamster to play with, or else it will start rolling on the ground again. Because of this, it may be a pain in his back. Rolling too much can also cause a sprain.


How to stop a hamster from rolling on his back


why is my hamster rolling on his back

  • If you don’t want your rabbit to roll on his back, keep him busy so that he forgets to roll. There are many things you can do to keep him busy, but the best is to bring him a friend. Like another hamster so that both of them keep playing with each other and forget to roll on his back. This is a very good suggestion, definitely use it and tell if it made any difference.


  • Your hamster may have fleas on its body, due to which it must have rolled on its back, try to keep it clean so that all the bacteria, fleas are removed from its body and it stops rolling after that. All these germs will cause your hamster to feel itchy and redness on his skin, which will cause him to roll on his back and try to reduce it. If even then the itching has not stopped, then you should bring some medicine or powder from the veterinary hospital for it.


  • You can give treats to your hamster, on the day he doesn’t roll, encourage him by giving him a treat. Don’t give him treats on the day when the hamster starts rolling so that he will realize that he has done wrong, then he will try not to roll from the next day.


  • You make time for your hamster so that the two of you can play and eat together, you should spend as much time with your hamster as possible so that he forgets to roll on his back.


  • When you don’t understand the reason for her rolling on his back, then you take her to the veterinary hospital so that they can find a solution to her problem as soon as possible. If your hamster’s behavior is changing day by day, then take him to the doctor immediately and treat him so that he gets well soon.


  • Whenever you are not present in the house, leave some toys for your hamster so that he can spend his time playing with them, if he does not have anything to play with then he will start rolling on his back again.



When you must have read why is my hamster rolling on his back, then you should try to use all those preventions. Take as much time as possible for your hamster and play with him, give him a good diet so that he stays healthy and He should not have any kind of disease. If you like any of the above prevention, then you can tell by sharing it in the comment section. By the way, prevent your hamster from rolling as much as possible because it also has many disadvantages, which can cause a lot of pain in its body.

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