When I saw my hamster running in a circle for the first time, I was scared that what could be the reason why my hamster was doing this because I had never seen him like this before. There are many body language and actions of a hamster that we do not recognize, as an animal owner, you should know all these things so that it does not cause any problem. You should consult a Veterinary doctor to know all this. Does the hamster want to say something? Is the hamster sick? To know all these answers, we must first get the right information so that your hamster can be cured.


In general, circling behavior in Hamsters is caused due to neurological disorders such as ‘Hamster Circling Disorder’ or vestibular disease. Running around in circles is also called “running” or “wheel running”. The reason hamsters perform this behavior varies from animal to animal. There can be many reasons why your pet may run in circles, including hunger, boredom, and the need for exercise.


What could be causing my hamster to run around in the cage?


Why is my Hamsters Running in Circles?


Compulsive running in circles can be a sign of a neurological disorder caused by genetics, stress, or injuries. There is no cure for this disease, but depending on how severe your hamster’s condition is, it may be prudent to put him to sleep forever. From what I’ve found, there are several things you can do to make your hamster’s life easier:

Instead of cleaning the entire cage, it is better to clean the cage in sections. If cleaning out the entire cage, leave some old bedding so the house doesn’t smell and feel completely foreign.

Keep the layout of the cage as consistent as possible, as a new environment will give him unnecessary stress. While this usually won’t bother a hamster, even the slightest thing can trigger stress and excitement within a hamster prone to compulsive behavior.

In addition to reducing stress, a large one-level cage is encouraged so that the hammy has room to turn around (or backflip) without the risk of falling or getting injured.

A variety of toys and things to do in the cage can help prevent boredom and divert their attention to reduce the frequency of their compulsive behavior.

The cage should be located where there is minimal activity and noise.

Should you let your hamsters circle your feet?



There is nothing wrong with allowing your hamsters to run in circles around your feet. Circling is one way that hamsters will show their affection for the people with who they feel close. It’s an indication that your hamsters are excited to see you. You might even notice they are making a quiet oinking or buzzing sound while they do it (sometimes called honking too). Hamsters only make this noise when they are super excited.

Most hamsters will run a few circles around your feet and look up at you expectantly. Sometimes they’re waiting for a treat, and sometimes they’re playing a game and they want you to make the next move. There are a couple of ways you can respond to your hamsters that will help them understand you reciprocate their feelings and give you a closer bond with your hamsters:

  • Give your hamsters a treat
  • Play with your hamsters
  • Pet your hamsters
  • Give attention to your hamsters

What does it mean when a hamster circles another hamster?



Not all body language between hamsters translates directly to a human and hamster’s relationship, and circling has a very different meaning. A hamster circling another hamster does not mean the same thing as when they circle people. There can be many reasons for this, which we will read now and know why hamsters do this.


  • Hamsters who have not been neutered or spayed may circle each other as courtship behavior. Typically the male hamsters will circle the female hamsters before making their move. Once the hamsters have been fixed and the reproductive hormones have time to settle down, these mating dance tendencies should come to a stop, along with other common territorial behaviors (such as spraying).


  • Among pairs of hamsters, you might also see this kind of circling behavior when one hamster is trying to assert their dominance or claim their territory. This can also look more like a chase if the non-dominant hamsters run away. This kind of circling happens more often during the bonding process and not often after the two hamsters have been living together for a while.


  • When two hamsters try to circle each other, it can quickly turn into dangerously aggressive behavior. The two Hamsters circle each other faster and faster until they are a blur of fur. The two hamsters are attacking each other, trying to bite the flank or underside of the other hamsters. This is violent behavior that can end in serious injury for the hamsters and if it ever happens the hamsters should be separated immediately.



Why are my hamsters circling around my feet?


The first thing you should do is be careful where you step. When your hamster is in one of these playful moods they don’t always think about where they are going. To avoid accidentally kicking my hamster, I’ll stop walking altogether and keep my legs still while circling a couple of times. If I have to move on, I’ll take very small shuffle steps so that I never step on them. After your hamster has circled your feet several times, they will look at you or nudge you to tell you that it is your turn. So you have to pick him up comfortably and take him with you so that he doesn’t panic.


  • Maybe the hamster has a desire to play with you, because of which he is troubling you. If you are busy, give him a toy so that he can play with it.


  • To reinforce this pleasant behavior, give your hamster a treat or two. You can also do some improvised training to teach your hamster how to high-five, go around in a circle, or kiss.


  • Maybe the hamster is hungry, due to which he is behaving like this, and then you should offer him his favorite food so that he stops moving like this.


  • Sometimes, hamsters circle because they’re happy, and they want to spend time with you. Try sitting on the floor with your hamsters and letting them jump on you.


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